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   Chapter 17 Past A Mysterious Man

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6013

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That feeling Moreover, the call "husband" and "wife" by Wilson made Joanna embarrassed, she blushed and her heart beat fast.

Joanna blushed because of shy. She was afraid that her silly husband in name would know that. She had to admit that even though Wilson was not completely recovered, he was extremely intelligent and had strong observation ability.

Joanna tried to push Wilson away, but as soon as her hands touched his chest, she felt the muscles. It felt like Joanna got an electric shock since it was from a strong man.

Joanna was completely shocked and put down her hands quickly. She thought it must be because of his beautiful appearance that she felt a little nervous.

But he didn't put her down.

"Wilson, have you turned enough? Do you want to kill me?" She had slight anemia and could not stand it at all.

He put her down immediately as she spoke.

When Wilson put Joanna down, one hand laid on her soft, slender waist

Joanna took a deep breath and adjusted her breath. Then her eyes slowly followed the twilight Wilson's arm and saw the palm

His fair and slender hand was exactly holding her soft waist. As a result, Joanna's eyes widened

"Wilson! ! ! How dare he take advantage of her?

"Haha, honey." Wilson thought his wife's voice was so sweet.

She grabbed his thumb and showed him the evidence.

"How dare you take advantage of me?"

"Honey..." Wilson immediately pretended to be aggrieved and cute.

"Don't call me honey."

At that moment, Wilson realized his wife was angry and furious.

A flash of inspiration came to Wilson. "Honey, aren't you going to deal with something? Do you have time?"

It seemed that Wilson had forgotten her business, and was suddenly promoted. She shook Wilson's fingers hurriedly and ran back to her room to fetch the documents. She muttered, "It's a real delay. I'll check with you later."

As soon as the door was opened, Joanna rushed outside.

Deep in Wilson's eyes, there was a hint of slyness. With a smile on his face, he waved goodbye to her beautiful figure outside the door, "honey, be careful on the way. I will wait for you at home."

As for the matter of Joanna, her stepmother had told her about it. All she needed to do was to bring some necessary documents and identification.

After Joanna left, Wilson felt bored staying at home all day long. Suddenly he noticed the computer on the sofa in the living room. Thinking of the familiar feeling when he used the computer before, he couldn't help but have a palpitation, so he simply chose to forget that Joanna told him "not to touch electric appliances" and turned on the computer.

He turned on the MIDI login page, typed in the account and clicked. He didn't open it.

Looking at the screen of the computer in silence for a while, he said, "it's really an illusion."

Finding that there was nothing to do with the computer, he turned off the computer and took the wallet to the nearby supermarket to buy something.

Under th

e influence of Joanna, carefully calculated, it took more than one hour to by some simple daily necessities. On his way home, he passed a newspaper booth, which made him walk to it by accident. Standing in front of the stall, he had no idea what to buy.

But he felt strange if wouldn't buy one. So he grabbed one randomly and was about to pay the bill. "Landlady, please pay the bill."

The fat woman, who was sitting in a newspaper booth, raised her head and was stunned by what she saw. "Well, aren't you That what... " The landlady couldn't remember where she had met the man, but he looked very familiar, so she asked one of her friends, "old man, this young man looks familiar. Have we met before? " As she spoke, she looked at Wilson up and down.

"You know every handsome man well. Don't stare at him like that." The old man said to Wilson apologetically.

"It doesn't matter. How much do I have to buy this book?" They were talking while smiling tenderly from ear to ear, not caring about her rudeness.

"This one..."

"Ah I remember the man on the cover last month. " Before the owner could finish his words, his wife shouted, "It's you. That's right. I remember it clearly."

"Well, It's a little impressive," The shop owner looked him up and down while confirming what his wife had said.

Their conversation made Wilson frown. The cover of the magazine? Was it really him?

Who was he? Why was it on the cover?

"Is there any magazine left?" Suddenly, Wilson had an impulse to remember the past, so he asked.

"Well, that magazine is very popular. It has sold out after several copies." The landlady said honestly. Even some little girls bought it. They couldn't understand because they were in a financial magazine. It's said that they came for the man on the cover.

He was not only in good shape, but also the CEO of a large group.

But now he couldn't remember anything.

After paying, he went home with her things.

Wilson had a headache now. The scenes flashed in his mind again and again.

Then he saw a man sat on the chair in a cold manner, letting the makeup artist do whatever she wanted on his face.

"I will only give you half an hour. Don't bring the recorder." His voice was as cold as ice.

The man next to him gave a flattering smile and said respectfully, "Mr. Yan, don't worry. We won't delay your time and I promise that we won't bring any recording equipment."

The man sitting on the stool was someone they had paid a lot of effort to get. If they could get an interview with him, the sales of their magazines could at least double or even three times. If he didn't do well in the man's favor, he would definitely be killed by his boss.

And that cold man, he was exactly Wilson.

Now he was even more confused. Who was he in the past.

After thinking for a long time, he still couldn't figure out the answer. But then he realized that he had already gone downstairs. He shook his head, trying not to think about it anymore.

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