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   Chapter 16 Honey Wait For Me

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When they finally arrived at the bus station, they got off and went to the entrance of the bus together. As they walked out of the bus, Wilson protected Joanna with his body all the way. He took hold of her hand and said excitedly, "Joanna, look over there."

Wilson pointed to the parking lot opposite the bus station.

"What are you doing?"

"Come with me. I will show you something." Wilson said mysteriously, pulling up Joanna and passing away.

Joanna thought that she went out to company him today anyway.

In the parking lot.

Wilson held Joanna's hand and stood in front of a luxury car that had no license plate.

"Do you like it, Joanna?"

"……" Looking at the luxury cars which has the logo overlapped 'R', Joanna was stunned at once.

Is he crazy?

He was a fool at first, but now he was crazy? This was a Rolls Royce. What could she do even if she liked it?

"Wilson, are you kidding me? Who doesn't like such an expensive car? Stay away. Don't you stain the car. We can't even afford paint repair. "

Then Joanna quietly left the luxury car.

However, she was stopped by Wilson at the next second. "Joanna, it's hard for you to take a bus to work. This is a gift for you. From now on, it is your personal car. By the way, you must be very tired from the work. How about I hire a driver for you? "

"……" Now Joanna was sure that Wilson lost his mind.

He began to talk nonsense.

'a Rolls Royce for her?'? A personal car and a driver? 'oh my God! It's just a joke! I can't buy such a car even if I sell myself!'.

"Wilson, wake up! Don't be kidding! Come on, let's go home. Let's go home. "

It almost drove her crazy. She thought she had to take Wilson to the hospital for a check-up in advance.

Wilson thought he really wasn't kidding!


Wilson lowered his head sadly. But no matter how he behaved, Wilson was forbidden to stay in front of the luxury cars. What if the shards were really scraped?

To prove that he was not joking, he prepared to show the key to her, so he looked around beside the car.

Looking that, Joanna became nervous and rushed to prevent him from touching the luxury car.

However, Wilson had not found what he wanted, which made him very angry. All of a sudden, he remembered that something was inside the car. So he picked up a brick and smashed it on the window.

However, it seemed like Wilson had figured out what Joanna was thinking. He wanted to prove that he was not joking. As soon as he walked beside the car, he saw the key on the driver's seat

He walked over and checked the tire as if he was looking for something.

Joanna was stunned

"……" It was a joke, went too far

Tears welled up in Joanna's eyes.

'Oh, my God! The more scared you are about the thing, the more it will happen.

"Wilson, stop! Otherwise, I will leave you alone!"

This time, Wilson was absolutely terrified, standing there still.

Then Joanna ran to the car to look at the window and bowed to the emperor with both hands. Then she took out a note from her bag, and left her phone number on it. She took Wilson to leave.

Joanna was agitated and nervous all t

he way home.

What if the driver found her?

I'm screwed She decided to go back to work tomorrow. Maybe the owner will allow her to delay or pay in installments.

Wilson not only failed to prove it but had hidden himself in a corner since he went back home.

Fortunately, Joanna was softhearted and gave him lunch at last.

The car owner didn't call her after lunch, and waiting for a long time, she was so flustered. She decided to get down to business first and wait for the result.

Joanna called Rita and asked her to help take care of Wilson. But Rita couldn't show up because of other issues. So Joanna arranged the TV channel for Wilson, bathed a glass of lemonade, turned off the gas, and cleaned up all the things that might hurt this idiot.

She tried to persuade him, "it's afternoon. You stay at home and watch TV. I have something to do. Don't worry. I'll make dinner for you tonight. So don't turn on the gas and electricity in the house, okay? "

Hearing that she was going out, and she did not want to take him with her, Wilson grabbed Joanna's hand all of a sudden. "Honey, my newly married wife, how can you leave me alone at home? This is not good for a romantic relationship. I don't want to. "

"……" wife? Joanna was still embarrassed to be called that way.

However, she liked to see that he acted like a spoiled child, he was charming! It should be strange and disgusting for a man to act like a spoiled child. But why when it came to Wilson He was so attractive?

Then, Joanna concluded that's because such a good-looking face. They were forgiven even they killed people.

"Don't be naughty! Wilson. I have something important to do this afternoon. Have you forgotten the trouble you made this morning? I tell you, wait for me at home. Or divorce. Do you understand? "

It was an obvious threat which might not work on others, but worked on Wilson. And he didn't dare to be too presumptuous because he had done something wrong this morning.

Handsome face frowned, looking as if he was wronged, showing a little grievance. Wilson grabbed the hand of Joanna and swayed coquettishly. "I'm good, then you call me good husband."

Joanna was speechless. How she wished she could hold his collar and take him to the doctor and ask him what was wrong with him?

"Okay, honey, wait for me at home." Well, Joanna had to admit that she compromised because of Wilson's handsome face.

When he heard Joanna call him "honey", Wilson excitedly lifted her up and circled around. "I'm Joanna's husband. Joanna is my wife. Joanna called me husband, Joanna wasn't angry about me"

Hearing that, Joanna's face turned red.

What did he mean by saying that she wasn't angry any more Why did she have no idea what to do with him?

Besides, although they had gotten their marriage certificate, she usually just let Wilson pull her hand or sleeves. Even the 'temptation' of that night was only a form. In other words, they had never had any intimate contact. Suddenly, Wilson hugged Joanna up like this. Moreover, as they were at home, all the clothes they wore were thin, so Joanna could clearly feel Wilson's pectorals.

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