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   Chapter 15 Secret A Surprise For You

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6196

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Joanna called her friend and Rita told her that she would arrive soon, so she went to work.

Before long, Rita attended to Wilson at the request of Joanna.

But he didn't speak since Joanna left. He just sat there sullenly. He ignored Rita. The TV drama was about to start, but Rita had no choice but to let it go. She watched TV and was eating snacks, completely ignoring Wilson around her.

Being annoyed, Wilson held Joanna's laptop and started to play it.

Many famous brands were opened and closed under his fingertips. Soon, some happy expressions appeared on Wilson's faces.

Rita didn't notice that all afternoon, in addition to the computer, Wilson opened the door to receive express delivery. The parcel was delivered ten minutes later. After several times, Rita found out.

"Wilson, you are signing for whose express packages?"

"It's none of your business."

Hearing that, Rita was stunned. She said, "aha, narrow-minded." So Rita continued watching TV. When Joanna came back from work, her room was already filled with packages, large or small.

As Rita was in a hurry to go home, she said a few words to Joanna and then left. When Joanna found the parcels, she was shocked.

"Wilson, what is going on?"

With a spring breeze like warm smile on Wilson's face, he said to her sincerely, "Joanna, these are my gifts for you."

While speaking, Wilson took out a small box from his pocket and handed it to Joanna.

"What is it?" Shit, what happened this afternoon? Joanna couldn't even thinking.

Wilson smiled and opened the box to take out the things. He took Joanna's hand and put the ring on her hand.

"Joanna, this is the wedding ring for you. Do you like it?"


"What? Isn't it right? It's what happens on TV... "

Looking at the ring on her finger, which stunned Joanna. Wilson, this fool actually prepared a ring for her? When Rita left, she said that Wilson had played on her computer and signed for more than a dozen packages.

'Does he know how to buy online presents?

"Wilson, where did you get the money?"

Joanna was confused.

"Joanna, do you like the ring I gave you?"

Wilson didn't answer the question, but kept looking at Joanna, waiting for her to speak whether she liked it or not.

Not until now did Joanna notice the ring. It was a big diamond Oh, no, it couldn't be a diamond. It should be glass beads? If it is a diamond, then the diamond must be worth several hundred thousand dollars? Looking at the ring, Joanna nodded, "yes."

Perhaps he was the first man who was so kind to her in her life.

"Joanna, here are some more. Open them and have a look. Do you like them?"

"Well Wilson, you have to learn to save money. Got it? "Frugal is a virtue. I don't need these things. Shall we retreat back later?"

She could take the ring because it fix her size. As for the others, it's no need for her to have too many gifts.

"No, they are for you. No way! I won't return them! " As he spoke, Wilson lowered his head all the time. One could imagine the expression on his face.

"I don't want you to spe

nd so much money."

Joanna unwrapped the gifts one by one. When she saw the world-famous luxury clothes hanging on the bags, she just smiled.

'idiot, you know how to buy extravagant branded good.' Well, I'd better retreat quietly. '. She thought.

Wilson excitedly saw Joanna finish unwrapping the present. Then he childishly asked, "Joanna, do you like it?"

"I like I like! " If she said no, he would definitely act like a spoiled child again. And his kindness was somewhat pleasing.

The feeling of being cared, trusted, and loved touched and almost made Joanna cry.

God knew how much love she lacked. She had never expected that one day, she would feel that from a silly man picked up at a road.

Never mind. It must be a fortune for her to accompany this stupid man all her life.

Joanna was so moved, Wilson continued to say, "Joanna, I have another gift for you. But we have to keep it a secret and tell you tomorrow. "

Joanna became depressed He even learnt to keep secret!

Joanna had forgotten that the gift was supposed to be confidential.

Because she had performed well in her work and often fawned on her leaders, the leaders approved her application of marriage application very quickly.

Joanna thought about that. She wanted to register Jack's registered residence during the marriage leave.

But, as soon as they finished breakfast, Wilson asked Joanna to stay with her.

"Joanna, let's go out."

"Where are we going? What are we going to do?"

"I want to go out! I want to go out!" Wilson was acting like a bully.

But it happened that Joanna had no choice but to satisfy him because she was moved by him yesterday. She thought it would be better to have a long time in the afternoon and deal with some important business. So she promised Wilson to go shopping with him, changed her clothes and went out.

Joanna took Wilson to the carriage, but in the beginning, he refused. He wanted to hail a taxi, but considering that she had run out of money, Wilson had no choice but to give in and take the bus with Joanna.

Therefore, Wilson began to use his long hands and feet as advantages to help Joanna to squeeze into the bus. Then he, as a flower protect, reached out his arm to hold Joanna on his chest.

However, his arm was so long that it blocked the view of Joanna for several times.

Impatiently, Joanna pushed his hand away. "Wilson, Keep your hand off me."

Therefore, Wilson put it away as she ordered. When someone was about to get close to Joanna, his arms recovered automatically.

Again, Joanna was angry, because she didn't realize that Wilson was trying to protect her from being touched and crowded.

But there were already several young girls around them who were keeping staring at Wilson because of his outstanding appearance.

Every time when they saw Wilson protected Joanna, which made the girls soften their hearts. Some of them even took out their phones to take photos of them. Some of them even scolded their boyfriends next to them in a low voice for not being considerate and gentle like Wilson.

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