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   Chapter 14 Certification I Will Support You

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When they arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, Joanna handed Wilson's identity card and registered residence book to him and asked to confirm again.

"Wilson, Do you know what is a marriage?"

"I know." Wilson raised his handsome face and showed an adorable expression. He came to Joanna and explained to her, "It means that I can sleep on your bed from tonight." Of course, Wilson saw all from the TV series.


Shocked by what he said, Joanna thought in suspicious, was he really silly? How can he be so smart at such things?

Fine, just a bed, right? Since he wanted to sleep on her bed, she would satisfy him.

"Fine! If you and I get the marriage license, I will sleep in the guest room myself tonight. "

Finishing her words, Joanna went towards the Civil Affairs Bureau happily.

Wilson had a little reaction and muttered with a pout, "huh! Liar! You misunderstand me. I mean we sleep in the same bed. "

Joanna happened to hear Wilson's 'whispers.

Turning around, Joanna reached out her hand and knocked on Wilson's head.

"How dare the doctor say that you were silly because of the crash? Humph, he didn't see you like this. 'Since you are not stupid at all, I won't let you marry me!' I'll let you sleep on the street tonight. "

"It's... it's my fault. I'll sleep on the sofa and I'll sleep in the guest room,"

Wilson held Joanna's hand and rubbed her shoulder to apologize.

Hearing that, Joanna couldn't help laughing. She gently touched Wilson's soft hair, and said softly and generously, "since you have admitted your mistake, let's go get the marriage certificate. Don't worry. I won't let you sleep on the street. I will support you! "

Half an hour later, holding two big red booklets in hands, Joanna stared at Wilson's face in satisfaction. She spent only nine dollars on her husband, who was more handsome than the TV series!

Wilson was staring at the red marriage certificate in the hand of Joanna. He dragged her and asked, "Joanna, it means that we really married?"


Joanna smiled. Somehow, when she saw the photo of a man with a red background on the red marriage certificate, she had an illusion. Although Wilson was dull, it was not bad to have him with her for the rest of her life.

Being cheered up by the positive response of Joanna, Wilson looked into her eyes and said seriously, "call me honey, Joanna!"

Joanna were shocked.

What? 'How dare he let me call him' husband '? He must be crazy!'. However, it seemed that they just got the marriage certificate. It was difficult for her to deny the fact.

"Well Are you hungry? Let me take you to eat something delicious. "

Hearing the food, Wilson had even forgotten that Joanna didn't called him husband.

Anyway, it was a big day for them to get married. To celebrate her finding a good husband who would help her count money if she sold him, Joanna decided to treat Wilson a big meal.

Her so-call

ed food was hotpot. Having hot pot was one of the happiest things in this winter.

However, the hot pot, which was the most delicious food in the eyes of Joanna, hesitated Wilson.

Then Joanna said angrily, "what a picky eater, Wilson!" He had a slight mysophobia, and he didn't like places with too many people. For several times, when they passed by a fancy restaurant, Wilson just stood at the door and didn't want to leave.

But without thinking, Joanna wouldn't go to that kind of place. It would be great if she could invite him to have hot pot.

At the moment, Wilson's heart was crumbling.

He didn't know why he couldn't even take a step in this place of low-grade catering.

His vague memory seemed to remind him that he was not the person who should go to this kind of place.

However, Wilson glimpsed at Joanna and said with a smile, "since you like eating, I will eat with you. I'm not particular about food. I want to be a good husband."

Uh Good husband Joanna was choked by her saliva.

She felt a little awkward to hear the word husband.

They enjoyed the hot pot to celebrate.

To get the marriage certificate, she asked for a half day leave, and she had to work in the afternoon.

Wilson took Wilson home and told him, "I have to go to work in the afternoon. Stay at home. I'll call Rita to accompany you later. " Rita had been longing to meet Wilson, so she invited her to come here this afternoon.

"No, honey. I don't want it. Stay with me. We just got our marriage license. I don't want you to leave now. "

Wilson grabbed Joanna's arm and wouldn't let her go.

His coquetry really made her heart ache. However, no matter how seductive his face was, she had only asked for half a day's leave and she had to go back to work now.

"Wilson!" Joanna yelled deliberately.

Wilson seemed to be startled by the sudden loud shout of Joanna and immediately kept quiet. He pouted to show his pity.

It had to be said that this guy's little act of cute was really powerless for Joanna to resist. He was handsome in the first place. It was not easy for Joanna to resist him.

But work is also very important.

To take care of Wilson, she had spent the whole year's holiday.

"Wilson, you should be sensible, okay?"

"But, Joanna, we just got married not long ago. There is a marriage leave. Please ask for a marriage leave and stay with me. " As time went by, Wilson began to shake the sleeves of Joanna.

Joanna knew him so well that he wouldn't give up if he didn't have enough benefit.

"Be good, I will go to work this afternoon. Then ask for leave from tomorrow on, okay? Just an afternoon. I'll come back tomorrow to accompany you. Is that okay? "


The one who got what he wanted was as happy as a child who got candy.

Looking at the smile on his face, which was rare for her, Joanna was also very happy.

But to her surprise, her emotion was affected by Wilson.

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