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   Chapter 13 Plan Marry me

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Well, She was dressed in a white satin skirt with big wavy hair, which made her look more beautiful suddenly.

She walked in high heels, with a smile on her face, step by step towards Wilson.

Her face was slightly red because of shyness, but was more charming.

Joanna, who seldom wore high-heeled shoes, with a smile on her face but kept blaming herself for not falling down, or it would be so embarrassing! That was why she missed Wilson's different emotion.

She had already done the first step. The second step is to

At that moment, Joanna's foot sprained and fell straight forward before she could react. She was frightened and closed her eyes.

This time, it seemed that she would have a close contact with the floor!

Waiting for the pain, Joanna felt that something was wrong.

Why is the floor soft? Why It's soft on the mouth?

She was stunned, and then tried to open one of her eyes, but in the next moment her eyes unconsciously widened.

She jumped off Wilson's body and pointed at him and herself hurriedly.

"You You You... "

There was nothing unusual on Wilson's face. He stood up and asked with concern, "Joanna, are you okay? Did you get hurt? I saw that you were almost falling down just now, so I went to pick you up reflexively. Are you okay? "

Joanna continued to breathe deeply. It was her first kiss! However, her sight was like looking at the culprit.

Joanna's reaction confused Wilson. He scratched his head and asked, "what's wrong? Did I do something wrong? "

He looked as if he was wronged.

Looking at his face, Joanna's heart was softened. The fall had messed up all her plans!

Alas! Her plan failed. Her first kiss was gone. What a double whammy!


Suddenly, Joanna's eyes lit up. She kept her eyes fixed on Wilson.

All of a sudden, Wilson felt something cool on his back. He swallowed and asked, "Joanna What's wrong? "

As the voice fell, Joanna suddenly became pitiful. She pretended to wipe her tears and choked, "just now, you even kissed me..."

"What? Do you mean mouth to mouth? "

Joanna sniffed, "you have to be responsible for the kiss."

She observed Wilson's reaction while speaking.

Wilson blinked his eyes, unable to understand what she meant. "How can I be responsible for you?" he asked

"You have to marry me! I gave you my first kiss! "

Wilson pointed himself then and Joanna, then asked, "shall I marry you?"

Joanna nodded, and nodded again.

"Do I have to?" Wilson asked innocently.

Joanna continued, "if you don't marry me, I can't get married and I will spend my whole life alone. It's my first kiss and I have to marry whoever I give my first kiss to!"

Wilson looked into Joanna's eyes with his innocent eyes, and told her firmly, "Ok, I'll marry you! I won't leave you alone! "

It was said that the eyes of a person were the window of the heart. In fact, neither of the people who said this thought about another situation.

That is, the windows are made of glass, and their shadows can also be seen. Sometimes, what is displayed is not the heart, but the reflection of the person opposite! Just like the moment, the innocence and pure of Wilson's eyes was the reflection of Joanna's heart.

Therefore, Joanna was cheated by this sentence.

She j

umped with joy and held Wilson's neck, which was a whole head taller than her, and said excitedly, "Okay, let's go get the marriage license tomorrow."

Although the process was full of twists and turns, the result was finally settled!

Thinking of that, Joanna felt a little worried. 'is it really a good idea to trick a man who has lost his memory?

In the next moment, she kicked these thoughts out of her mind. In short, the most important thing was to solve the current problems!

The moment Joanna hugged his neck, Wilson was a little stiff. For an innocent young man like him, it was unimaginable that a woman suddenly flung herself upon him At the thought of this, he got a little excited.

He put his hands around Joanna's waist, did not know what to do. When he finally made up his mind and wanted to hold Joanna, she had already jumped away.

The moment Joanna jumped up, she banged the door shut. She must be so excited that her proposal was accepted, so she shut it up so loudly. And she announced in the room, "good night, I'm sleeping now.". You should go to bed early too. Tomorrow morning we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to line up. "

After these words, Joanna turned off the light.

Wilson was still standing in front of Joanna's bedroom door. He was shocked!

"Joanna, how can you do this? It's still early now." Looking at the clock on the wall, he said pitifully, "it's only nine o'clock. Why do you go to bed so early?"?

Lying on the bed, Joanna was happy. She was even happier when she heard the voice that he scratch the door like a cat.

In the past month, she spent almost every day with Wilson. And during the first week, she had to go to the hospital and take care of him. In the following weeks, even though Wilson was discharged from the hospital, he still liked to stay with her.

In such a short time, Joanna got a sense of peace from Wilson. She doted on him even though she knew he was hit by a car and didn't even have any basic sense of life. What's more, because Wilson will be driven out of her house very soon as her family will travel back soon. She has found an apartment to live with him, and she can't bear to see him sleep on the streets.

She wasn't rich, but she spent all her savings on his treatment and his life.

Although she was very kind, she rarely did this for others.

She liked being pestered by him. She felt safe and comfortable.

Even Joanna's best friend said she was poisoned by a beauty. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been so irrational to pick up a ward on the street?

The next day, Joanna asked for a half day leave from the company and prepared breakfast for Wilson and heated milk. After breakfast, Joanna didn't go out with Wilson in a hurry, she made a call to her stepmother first. Since the marriage registration needed a registered residence book, her book was here, but where was Wilson? She didn't think he would take along the registered residence with him.

As soon as her stepmother received the phone call, she smiled and promised to be under her control. How could she refuse Joanna when she agreed that the child could be legally registered in her registered residence book?

After everything was done, Joanna took a taxi to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Wilson.

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