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   Chapter 12 Threat Find A Man To Marry

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6274

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Under the pressure and temptation of Wilson, Joanna had to ask for a few days' leave. Wilson persuaded her, "What if you go to work with your disease, faint, and infect others? Please consider for your colleagues! " Hearing Wilson's words, Joanna felt at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

During the days when she took a rest at home, Joanna was quite relaxed, as Wilson did not let her do anything. "Joanna, the only thing you need to do is to have a good rest at home, and I will do all the housework."

Wilson pressed down Joanna on the sofa, and returned to the kitchen to cook.

Joanna wanted to do something, but Wilson did not let her.

For happy times, people will only be dissatisfied with its short duration, and never sigh for its beauty Life is always filled with changes. You can't guess what will happen next.

Joanna had been used to living with Wilson, and he was used to playing cute to her, because he was sure that she would compromise. She was used to his gentleness and consideration. Although sometimes he would ask stupid questions, on the whole, she lived a happy life.

But there is a saying, the calm before the storm.

All this had been broken by a phone call.

After resting at home for many days, Joanna made sure again and again that she would pay attention to her health and eat on time. Wilson finally let her go to work.

It was the first day that Joanna came back to the company and had a good time. But all her good mood went down after getting a call.

As soon as Joanna went back home, she received a call from her stepmother. Looking at the caller ID on the phone, she had no choice but reluctantly answered it.


"Joanna, have you gotten Jack's registered residence? Don't you ever try to fool me, or you will never get your mother's belongings. and Emily... "

Thinking of the fact that she had not managed to deal with Jack's registered residence, Joanna was so anxious, so she didn't hear what her stepmother said at all.

"Hey, are you listening?" Her stepmother's loud voice came clearly to Joanna on the phone.

"Got it." Before her stepmother could say anything else, she hung up the phone in advance.

Having lived a happy life these days, Joanna completely forgot about that matter. How could she, as an unmarried woman, make registered residence for Jack. She didn't even have a boyfriend, let alone to find a nominal father for Jack.

So she needed to find a man to cooperate for a marriage. After everything was handled, they would get a divorce. That was a happy ending for everyone.

However, even her male intimate friend rejected her rude request, and her pursuers only wanted to marry but not divorce.

What should she do.

Oh my God.

"What are you doing here, Joanna? Come on in. The dinner is ready. "

Wilson knew Joanna came back, but she was standing at the door, so he called Joann.

"Within a minute."

Hearing the sound of Wilson, Joanna replied him subconsciously and went into the living room.

Suddenly, Joanna looked up at Wilson with a cunning look flashing in her eyes.


'Wilson?'?! !


hat the hell! Isn't he a real man!

Joanna was about to cry.

In the past, Joanna felt a little unlucky to be treated as a family member of Wilson. Now she thought she was lucky to meet Wilson, which saved her a lot of trouble!

Since Wilson could cooperate, it would be no problem for him to get married and then get divorced?

Joanna kept staring at Wilson, which made him in a cold sweat.

Wilson stared at the strange Joanna in front of him, feeling a little scared. Then he cautiously said, "Joanna, you Are you okay? You are so strange today. "

"I'm fine." Joanna shook her hand and did not explain too much. "Didn't you say that we can eat? I'm hungry. Let's eat. " If Wilson heard that she was hungry, he would not think about what she was thinking. Instead, he would only think of her being hungry.


"Then let's have dinner. I learned a new dish today. Try it and tell me whether it is delicious." Wilson took Joanna by the hand and sat down at the table, pouring out the soup.

To be honest, Wilson was a really amazing man. Not only did he have a good memory, he was also very good at cooking. Even Joanna sighed that she was not as good as him. Moreover, Joanna's stomach was fastidious because of Wilson, she wanted to eat what Wilson made for her instead of going out to eat.

During the dinner, Wilson kept chattering with Joanna, asking her about what had happened in her company. Although she didn't want to talk to him, but she still patiently answered the stupid questions of him.

Joanna had already come up with a whole set of plans in her mind. She confirmed that her marriage with Wilson would be going smoothly, and only a little tricks would be enough. As for the future divorce, though it was a little embarrassing, consider it as a reward for saving his life.

Joanna shut herself in her room and prepared for the following small plan. Wilson didn't know what Joanna was doing, so he played with her computer.

With some memories, Wilson opened the stock market of the MIDI. It was less than ten o'clock at night, which was the time when the MIDI stock market opened. Wilson didn't know what account he had kept in mind. Maybe it was the account that he used to use very often, so he could remember it so deeply.

After put his slender hands on the keyboard, he skillfully logged in. As if he was interested, he bought a few stocks. Then he visited the official website of a well-known auction house.

Suddenly, Wilson's eyes were brightened up

It was a limited edition of Rolls-Royce. A thought struck Wilson when he saw it.

If Joanna had such a car. In that case, she wouldn't have to work so hard to take a bus to work every day!

Wilson's fingers moved quickly on the keyboard. His eyes, which were clear and silly when he saw Joanna became sharp deep.

It seemed that he was an inborn falcon. All the benefits and profits he saw in the deal were his prey.

He will always be quick, accurate and ruthless to put everything into his pocket.

"Wilson Wilson... "

It was Joanna's voice, and it cut Wilson's mind. He was stunned when he looked back.

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