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   Chapter 11 Sick Wilson's Care

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She knew that Wilson would feel sorry for her, but there was nothing she could do. If she had a choice, she wouldn't want to work so hard.

Joanna sighed slightly and said to comfort, "don't worry. There are too many things to deal with in the company recently. I will be fine after these days."

When Wilson finished cleaning up and went out of the kitchen, he found that Joanna was sleeping on the sofa. He bent over and carried her back to the room. After covering her up, he turned around and left.

Glimpsing the disappearing figures of Wilson, Joanna closed her eyes and sank into darkness.

Wilson had learned a lot of new dishes online. Thinking that he couldn't help Joanna, she decided to cook something delicious to make her healthier.

Strangely enough, as if he was born with this kind of ability, he learned very quickly and smoothly. No matter how it tasted, it looked good.

But Joanna went out early and came back late every day. As a new comer, she always had endless things to do, which led to the irregular eating pattern. As a result, not only Wilson couldn't show his talents of cooking, but also she fell ill finally.

Joanna tried to get up, but she was too weak to do that.

As soon as she tried to move, she felt a pair of burning eyes staring at her, and there were always two kinds of She felt guilty.

She turned around and saw the stern face of Wilson. She forced a smile awkwardly and lowered her head.

"Then I can ask for leave. " It was the first time for Joanna to see such serious faces since they knew each other. Even she was a little scared when she thought of the scene when Wilson was pissed off.

Seeing that Joanna had promised to ask for leave, Wilson became kind.

"Joanna, I have made porridge for you. Please have some." Wilson took the bowl from the bedside and sat bedside Joanna's bed. "You are too weak to feed yourself now. Let me do it for you."

Joanna knew that it was useless to refuse him, so she just let him go.

Wilson fed her patiently with the spoon of porridge that he used to feed her. Every spoonful of porridge would be carefully blew cool before bringing it to her mouth. He looked like very gentle.

"Joanna, no matter how important your work is, you should take good care of yourself. It hurts me if you get sick. " After that, he put the bowl back to the kitchen, and helped Joanna take her medicine, tucking her in. He then leaned on the bedside of Joanna and said in a pettishly charming manner.

"It's not a big deal. Don't worry. I will be fine tomorrow after taking the medicine." Joanna knew that Wilson cared about her, so she comforted him to let him rest assured.

"Don't work overtime in the future. It's so boring to stay at home alone." Wilson looked innocent with his eyes wide open.

She thought that it wouldn't earn much for her to do part-time job. Besides, he would be pestering her if she refused him. So she decided to go home earlier to accompany him. Then she agreed to his request.

"Well, you have a good rest. I'm in the living room. If you need anything, just call me." Joanna quickly fell asleep because of the drugs. Wilson left the room when he saw her sleeping.

Joanna was still in a coma perhaps because she was too tired. Wilson wanted to call her out to have dinner, but he saw that her was still sleeping. He thought that she might be really tired and didn't disturb her.

He quietly left and cooked by himself.

But it was strange to eat without her.

Wilson sat on the sofa watching financial news on TV. He couldn't get rid of the familiarity, so he watched financial news recently in order to remember something.

Joanna kept herself in the bedroom until the night fell. Wilson was afraid that it might hurt her stomach because she had only a bowl of porridge a day. After thinking for a long time, he went into Joanna's room and was about to wake her up for eating.

However, he saw that Joanna was lying on her side, her face flushed and she was moaning.

"Joanna, what's wrong with you?" Wilson walked quickly to the bedside of Joanna and shook her shoulder. Then he put his hand on her forehead, which was hot.

"Wilson Joanna opened her eyes weakly, looking at the anxious face passing by Wilson.

"I'll take you to the hospital, hold on. Wilson didn't know what happened to Joanna, so he thought of taking her to the hospital. When he was about to help her up, he heard Joanna spoke in a weak voice.

"No, No need go to the hospital In the TV cabinet Below Drawer, look for Antipyretics. "

"Let's go to the hospital. I'm so worried about you." Wilson was a little scared seeing such a weak Joanna.

"No need. It's just an ordinary fever. You don't need to come to the hospital in such a hurry. Besides, you don't know the way." Wilson seldom went out all along. The last time he went out was because he was leading by Joanna. He really didn't know where to go.

He had to look for the medicine and brought a cup of hot water for Joanna.

After he saw Joanna asleep, he went to the living room to look for his computer. He opened a browser and typed some words, "how to take care of a person who has a fever.".

After quickly browsing through the information he needed, he went back to Joanna's room and opened the window.

Then he went back to his room and got a quilt to Joanna. It was said that sweat often broke out on the Internet, so he covered her with the quilt.

From time to time, Wilson changed the cold towel on the forehead of Joanna and put her hand back to the quilt. It was not until the middle of the night did she regain her normal temperature. Wilson was so tired that he directly fell asleep bedside Joanna.

The first ray of sunshine passed through the curtain in the morning and shone on the two people in the room. Joanna woke up first. As soon as she sat up, she saw the sleeping face of Wilson beside. Did he look after her for all night? Last night, she was very sleepy. She felt that someone had put her hand into the quilt and changed the cold towel on her forehead for her.

It was him.

Yes, only he and I live in this house. Who else but him?

What Joanna did woke Wilson up. Seeing her sitting on the bed, he said delightedly, "you're awake. Are you feeling better now?" Then he put his hand on her forehead and found that her body temperature was normal. He was relieved.

"Thank God! you are fine!" He took his quilt off Joanna. "Do you want to take a shower? You must be uncomfortable as you got sweaty last night. I'm going to make some porridge for you."

Watching Wilson walking away, Joanna was still in a daze.

It was said that people were the most lonely when they were sick. The worried look on Wilson's face yesterday and his meticulous care for her made her feel unprecedentedly warm.

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