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   Chapter 10 Curiosity How To Get Pregnant

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6408

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"What are you doing? You spilled the drink." Looking at the coke spilled on her arm, Joanna took a look at Wilson. What an idiot.

"I'm sorry, Joanna. I didn't mean it. I'm afraid that you're thirsty, so I... " He was just going to hand her the drink, but used too much force.

Hearing his words, Joanna couldn't be angry anymore. She took out a tissue to make her clothes neat, but was snatched by Wilson.

"Let me help you. After all, it was me who made you dirty." Then he pressed a piece of tissue on the arm of Joanna, which made her blush.

When she was about to slap his hand off, Wilson touched the arm of Joanna. "It's so soft. Why didn't I have it?" Then he touched his own skin.

His movement was spotted by a girl next to him. The girl gave him a strange look, and Joanna was embarrassed.

What a shame.

She held Wilson's hands and walked out of the cinema as soon as possible. At the moment, Wilson was still thinking about the question he had just asked.

"Hey, you haven't answered my question yet." He kept asking Joanna about her answer and hoped that she would answer his question.

"Wilson. I will leave you alone if you keep talking."

Seeing Joanna's red face, he thought she was angry, so he stopped talking.

After less than ten minutes, Wilson couldn't stand it anymore. He apologized actively. "I'm sorry, Joanna. I'm sorry." Wilson held Joanna's arm and said like a spoiled child.

Casting a glance at Wilson, Joanna sighed and wondered whether she was raising a baby?.

Seeing that Joanna was no longer angry, he took her hand. She tried to struggle for a few times, but failed, so she let he take her hand.

They shopped in the night market together. Wilson felt very curious. He asked Joanna many questions all the time, and she patiently answered his questions.

Standing in front of a small shop, Wilson stopped and asked, "Joanna, what's this?"

"Use that circle to cover what you want. If you make it, it's yours."

"It seems very interesting. Joanna, I want to play it as well." Wilson opened her round eyes to watch Joanna.

Joanna stared at him as if she was talking to a stranger. "Are you still a kid?" she asked

"Joanna, let me have a try." Wilson held the hand of Joanna and acted coquettishly, as if he would cry to him if she didn't allow him to play.

She had no choice but to pay, ten minutes later.

"Thanks." Taking over the box in his hand, he looked at Joanna with a proud face. "Look, Joanna, am I excellent?"

Looking at Wilson in front of her, Joanna was a little surprised. She just wanted him to play for a while, but who knew he was so good that he could hit every circle.

"Okay, now we have played the game. Can we go home now?" She helped Wilson take some things he won.

"Okay, let's go home."

After returning home, Wilson was very excited, he was jumping up and down. Joanna held her forehead to look at him, she didn't want to say anything.

"Wilson, are you going to sleep? I have to work tomorrow." She repressed her anger and said.

"Hi, Joanna. I want to ask you one last question before go to sleep."

"What question?" Thinking that she was about to go to bed, Joanna raised her v

oice with a bit of joy.

"I saw a girl in the hospital before. Her belly was so big and the same as that girl I saw in the street today. What's wrong with them? Don't they feel weird? " Wilson tilted his head and pondered over it.

"They are not sick, they are pregnant."

"What do you mean by pregnant?" He was puzzled.

"They have a baby in their belly." She replied to him with impatience.

"Just as same as the kid today? But the kid is so big. Can their belly hold it? " He was still puzzled.

"A baby is not born that big." She randomly made a size with her hand and said, "you are also small when you were born."

"So, how can I get pregnant?"

"Well I don't know how to explain it to you. You will know it in the future. Do you have any other questions? " Joanna didn't want to waste any more time talking to him.

"Have you ever been pregnant, Joanna?" He was curious about what the pregnant woman would look like.

"I haven't been married yet. How could I be pregnant?"

"What does pregnancy have to do with marriage?"

"You should fall in love first, then get married, and finally have a baby. Got it? I'm going to sleep. Have fun. " What kind of question was that? Should she tell him what a woman needs to do before she could get pregnant? What should she answer if he really asked her about it.

"Fall in love with someone? Get married? You haven't explained it to me yet. "

Joanna covered her head with the quilt, ignoring every word spoken outside by Wilson.

The living expenses of the two were much higher, and all the savings of Joanna were used to pay for Wilson's medical expenses and rent the house. In order not to worry him, she told him that she needed to work overtime but found a part-time job.

It would be better to stick to it until the next month. Joanna consoled herself that she would feel much more relaxed after she received her salary.

Wilson had been staying at home by himself all the time. Recently, some vague scenes would always appear in his mind. Every time he saw financial news, he felt a sudden sense of familiarity, which made him a little confused. He didn't know what was going on with him.

However, it was getting later when Joanna came back home. From 5:00 at the beginning to 8:9 PM next, Wilson kept asking what she was doing, but Joanna always prevaricated at the excuse of working overtime. His intuition told him that there was something wrong, but he could do nothing about it.

Even if Joanna tried to hide, the tiredness was still obvious in her eyes. Seeing that she worked so hard, Wilson was very guilty. As a strong and healthy man, he always felt bad that Joanna has to take care of him. So he proposed to her to work and make money.

"You don't remember your major, and you don't know what you did in the past,. He would be tired to do the temporary workers. You haven't fully recovered yet. You'd better stay at home to recuperate. "

Hearing the words of Joanna, Wilson felt helpless.

"You can't always do this. I don't want you to work so hard." In recent days, Joanna came back late and looked haggard, but he could do nothing. Would she raise him like this for the rest of his life?

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