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   Chapter 9 Question Am I Pretty

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6186

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The next day, Joanna took Wilson outside. Since he was discharged from the hospital, he had been staying at home, and she had been busy with work and had no time to take him out.

The doctor said his memory loss was only temporary. Maybe going out and relaxing was good for his recovery, so there was today's trip.

The streets on the weekend were crowded. As if afraid that Joanna would get lost, Wilson held her hand.

Yesterday, Joanna saw the two T-shirts which she bought for him when he was in hospital. She felt a little apologetic, so she wanted to buy some more clothes for Wilson.

They just left the store, then saw a begging child stretching out his hand to them and said, "Miss and Sir, please give me a little money."

Wilson looked at the child confusedly, wondering why the child was dressed like this, and looked at Joanna with a confused look.

Joanna smiled and took out ten dollars from her bag. She loosened Wilson's hand and bowed to touch the child's head. Without any dislike, she said, "take them to buy some food."

The boy seemed to be overwhelmed. Most people just gave him one or two dollars as pocket money, and some even regarded him as a bacteria. Only this Miss with a warm smile did not dislike him and gave him so much money.

"Thank you, beautiful Miss." Then he ran away.

"Joanna, what does the kid do? Why does he wear such dirty clothes?" Wilson couldn't help but ask.

"Because he doesn't have his parents, you must be kind when you meet such a child." Joanna explained to him patiently.

"Mom and dad? What's that? " Wilson stared at Joanna with a sincere expression. Those were all new terms for him.

"Mom, Dad, eh..." Joanna was embarrassed. How could she explain mom and dad to him? "They are the people who have been taking care of you since you were a child, they will buy you delicious food, clothes and love you." That should be the explanation.

"Ah." A look of sudden realization on Wilson's face. "I see. It's you, Joanna. You will buy me delicious food as well. You also bought me clothes just now and cares about me a lot. " Then he showed an expression of "praise me for my intelligence".

Joanna refused to talk with him.

At noon, Joanna took Wilson to a food stall. "Don't look down on this shop, They made super delicious food. " Noticing that Wilson looked at the food with a disgusted face, Joanna hurriedly explained to him.

"But I want to eat the food cooked by you," Wilson pouted and acted like a spoiled child. Since last night, he had been recalling the taste of the porridge made by Joanna.

"You can eat after we go back at night. see, I ordered some more for you. You'll like it." Joanna tried her best to persuade him.

"Well, I only eat it because of you." Wilson reluctantly moved his chopsticks to eat, which was a great relief to Joanna.

Although it was very delicious, he didn't want to admit it at all. "Humph, not as good as you."

"……" Joanna didn't know what to say. It was too obvious that he was flattering her, so she didn't answer him and buried her head to eat.

After lunch, Joanna prepared to take Wilson to see a movie. On weekend, a new movie was on release.

When they were about to arrive the cinema, the begging kid they had just met appeared in front of them again.

"Miss and Sir, could you give me some money?" He spread his hands in front.

When he saw the kid's clothes and words, he understood that the kid must have been the same as before. He let go of Joanna's hand and watched her take money to the kid

After the boy ran away, he held Joanna's hand again and walked to the cinema.

"Joanna, why do I feel that kid is kind of similar to the previous one?" He asked Joanna with curiosity.

"It's the previous one." Joanna said casually. It seemed that she didn't care about that much.

"Then why did you give him money?" Wilson was even more confused.

"It's not easy for a kid at such a young age to beg. It's not much for me. As long as I can help the child, why should I care about once or twice?" Joanna knew how it felt to be hungry. Her stepmother didn't often cook her before, and her father didn't ask too much, so she thought of herself at the sight of the child.

So she gave him money and asked him to eat something.

Wilson stared at the side face of Joanna and suddenly realized that she had always been a kind person, no matter for himself or others. She could take care of him with all her heart even they didn't know each other before, And she just gave some money to the child.

Thinking of that, he held Joanna's.

Fortunately, he met Joanna.

As Wilson knew nothing, Joanna had to ask him to stay there and wait for her. Then she went to buy the tickets, popcorn and coke.

The handsome face and the tall figure attracted the attention of many passersby. Wilson looked at these people and wondered whether he was behaving weirdly?

"Joanna, a lot of people looked at me strangely just now. Is there something wrong with me?" Wilson spoke out his doubts when he saw Joanna walking towards him.

"They stare at you just because you look good." It was easy for Joanna to guess what they were thinking about, so she explain.

"What do you mean by good-looking?" Wilson kept asking.

"I just feel that you will attract their attention," Joanna could not help thinking that was he a fool after being hit by a car accident.

"Oh, then do you think I'm pretty?" Wilson blinked his big eyes and asked Joanna sincerely.

"I don't think so." She didn't want to answer any more questions, so she walked towards the theater, leaving Wilson alone.

"How could you do this to me? People all think that I'm a very pretty. It's not fair."

Joanna finally managed to persuade Wilson to sit down quietly. A few minutes after they sat down, he began to feel restless again. But before he could open his mouth, he was stopped by Joanna.

"If you continue to talk nonsense like this, I won't take you out any more."

So Wilson shut his mouth and peeped furtively at Joanna.

When the movie was in the middle, Wilson handed the Coke to Joanna. He was afraid that she would be thirsty, but

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