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   Chapter 8 Warmth I Won't Leave You Alone

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Joanna quickly found a flat. Her family was coming back, so she had to leave before they arrived.

So She planned to move on the weekend. In the evening of the day before yesterday, Wilson helped Joanna pack up her things after dinner. He didn't have much time and just knew a few simple clothes.

Although not many things were packed, it took almost two hours to pack them up. After all, she had lived here for more than twenty years. It was a lie that she didn't miss it.

Of course, Wilson noticed the sadness in Joanna's eyes, so he sat quietly with her.

"Do you want to live with me?" Although Wilson could see that Joanna was not in a good mood. But he didn't know the reason, he thought it was because she didn't want to live with him, "Not at all. You'd better go to bed early." Then she was about to go back to her room. After all, there were a lot of things to do tomorrow.

"Joanna, I will keep you company and never leave you alone." Wilson roared this sentence at the sight of the back of Joanna. He didn't know why he said this. He was stunned himself. He just doesn't want Joanna to be unhappy.

Joanna stopped her steps. She knew that he wanted her to be happy, or perhaps he did not mean it, but she also wanted to indulge in such a kind of white lie.

So she turned around and gave Wilson a warm smile. "Okay, remember what you said. You won't leave me alone." After saying that, she went back to her room. She couldn't even figure out what she was happy with.

On the early morning of the next day, Joanna got up to clear up her belongings. Wilson dared not to stay up late, so he helped her with the suitcases.

Wilson was yawning all the time. Joanna looked at him with a smile. "Have a rest. Most of the things are sorted out, so I can do the rest by myself."

"No, how could I let you do this alone?"

Seeing Wilson's earnest face, she knew he cared about her, so she said nothing.

She finally got everything arranged and waited for the taxi to come. They didn't have much stuff, so they didn't ask movers.

Reclining on the sofa limply, Joanna rubbed her shoulders. Wilson sat next to her and massaged her shoulders to make her feel better.

"No, you don't need to do this." Joanna is not used to being so close to him. She was about to get up, but he stopped her.

"Sit down, let me give you a massage." Wilson's hands relax the muscles for Joanna, but she felt very uncomfortable. After all, she had never been so close to a man.

"Okay, okay. I feel comfortable now. You can have a rest." Joanna pushed Wilson away and tried to keep him away from her.

But, Wilson was a person she couldn't figure out.

Wilson looked at Joanna with a smile and lay down on her leg, "Then you could give me a massage, my shoulders are also tired." Then he pretended to be poor as if he really felt bad.

Looking at the back side of Wilson's head, Joanna can't help thinking that was this guy really silly after being knocked?

"I didn't ask you to give me a massage. Get off my legs now," Joanna pushed Wilson, but he didn't move.

"Joanna, we should help each other

." Wilson hugged Joanna's legs and didn't let her go, as if he wouldn't get off without a massage.

Unable to change his mind, Joanna had to give him a massage. Maybe because Wilson was too tired, he fell asleep on her legs.

Knowing that he was too tired, Joanna didn't wake him up and let him rest his head on her thighs, even if her thighs were numb. Looking at his side face, Joanna couldn't help but sigh that he was so handsome. After getting along with him for a period of time, she felt that he was considerate.


Joanna heard Wilson was calling her name in a low voice, she was touched. Over the years, she seldom felt warmth, few people treat her like this. That was a different feeling, not like friendship, but not willing to let go.

The apartment they rented was not big. After all, Joanna was not rich enough to rent a good one. But after all, it was a new house, so they needed to do the cleaning. It was already five o'clock in the afternoon when they finished the cleaning.

To celebrate the move, Joanna made her best dish.

Joanna didn't teach Wilson to cook these dishes. After all, these dishes were too difficult for him now, so he could only help in the kitchen. Seeing that Joanna reached out to tie the straps, he walked behind her, and thoughtfully pulled out her hair from the band.

Feeling the movements of Wilson, Joanna straightened her back. The movements were a little vague, but unexpectedly she was very happy, as if they were really a couple.

"Can you Stay away from me. I'll splash it on your clothes later. " She tried to calm down, and even stammered.

"It doesn't matter. My skin is rough and thick anyway." An innocent smile appeared on his face. Being a little stunned, Joanna turned around and stopped talking to him with a red face.

"Oh, my God! Your face is so red. Is it too hot?" While they were talking, Wilson knocked at Joanna's face. he looked innocent, but in fact, he was ecstatic. He finally met her face. Her skin was really good.

Because of Wilson's action, Joanna's face turned redder, but she explained eagerly, "I'm not hot, only a little stuffy in the kitchen."

She quickened her cooking, hoping that the dinner would be ready as soon as possible, so that she could stay away from the trouble.

"Wash the dishes and put them on the table. Take these dishes out first. When they are ready, we can have dinner." In order not to let Wilson disturb her mind, she had to assign him to do something else.

As soon as Joanna walked out of the kitchen with the last dish in her hand, she saw Wilson sitting on a chair, his eyes scanning every dish on the table, with a pair of chopsticks in her hand. As if he was considering which dish to taste first, Joanna put the last dish on the table. "Have a try. These are my best dishes."

Wilson picked up a piece of braised pork nearest to him and put it into his mouth. "Well! It's so delicious! You are wonderful. "

"Of course," Joanna took off her apron and said proudly.

They had a quiet meal. It was not that they didn't want to talk, Wilson just want to eat.

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