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   Chapter 7 Promise I Won't Throw You Out

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"Why did you get up so early?" In order to make the atmosphere less embarrassing, Joanna asked casually.

However, Wilson frowned but still answered Joanna's question. "I couldn't fall asleep because I had a nightmare. I thought you must be tired, so I prepared breakfast for you. "

"Had a nightmare? What did you dream of? " Joanna looked at Wilson with curiosity.

"I dreamed I had a car accident. I heard a woman's voice calling me," Wilson looked at Joanna in front of him. Every time he thought of that dream, he felt uncomfortable.

Isn't this the scene of his last car accident? Maybe he didn't notice the face in the dream so he didn't remember.

"Did you remember anything about the past? Such as familiar things or people. " Joanna looked at him nervously. Did he remember the past? Thinking of this possibility, she felt complicated. She didn't know what was wrong with her. On the one hand, she hoped that Wilson could regain his memory as soon as possible, so that she wouldn't need to take care of him and she would be easier. But on the other hand, she somewhat coveted his kindness to her. If he thought of leaving, what should she do? She seemed to get used to his warmth, as if she did not want to be alone again.

"Nothing. I just can't remember anything. My head is aching all the time." Wilson shook his head day and night, and there was obvious disappointment in his eyes.

It seemed that he was eager to remember the past and return to his original world as soon as possible. Thinking of this, Joanna was a little disappointed. After all, they were just passing through each other's lives.

Seeing that the expression on Joanna's face changed, he thought that he must have done something to make her angry, so he asked pitifully, "Joanna, did I do something wrong? Don't be angry. "

"I'm not angry. I just didn't sleep well last night." Looking at the person who was like a child in front of her, Joanna dismissed her doubts. 'what am I thinking? If he remembered something, he would have gone to the hospital to check. How could he have the mood to make breakfast for me?' she thought.

After finishing her breakfast, Wilson naturally took the bowl in Joanna's hand and went to the kitchen.

When Joanna changed her clothes, Wilson was cleaning up the kitchen. It's inevitable that there will be some confusion when cooking for the first time

Looking at his back in silence, she stepped forward and said, "let me help you."

When she was going to help him with the suitcase, Wilson stopped her and said, "As a girl, you don't need to do it. These things are not troublesome. Let me do it for you."

"Well, don't cook breakfast this week. You haven't fully recovered yet. You'd better have more rest." Joanna felt guilty at the thought of the fact that she had mistreated a patient.

"Are you worried about me?" Hearing the last sentence of Joanna, Wilson's face once again lit up with a happy smile.

"Well, I'm not Well... " She was unwilling to admit that she was worried about him, so she packed her things and was about to go to work. "I have to go to work. Just stay at home today." Then she left without looking back, leaving Wilson's wanton lau

ghter behind her head.

"Ha, you are just too shy."

Joanna took Wilson back to make a re-examination and asked the doctor about the situation for his memory recovery.

"Doctor, why Wilson can't regain his memory for so long? Will he never remember it all his life? "

"It's hard to say. Each one's situation is different. Although the blood clot in Mr. Yan's brain had disappeared, there was still an effect of the car accident. Some people might regain their memory by themselves after a period of time, and they might not regain it all their lives. "

Joanna went back home with Wilson disappointedly, worried about the effect of the car accident, but Wilson thought that she was eager to restore his memory because she didn't want to take care of him anymore.

"Wilson, If you feel uncomfortable, do let me know." After thinking for a long time, Joanna said to Wilson. She was afraid that he would feel uncomfortable but did not say anything. If that happened, his illness would be delayed.

However, Wilson didn't reply. He felt very sad, because he thought that Joanna wasn't really care about him.

"Wilson, I'm talking to you, you..."

"Do you think I'm too troublesome?" Before Joanna could finish her words, she was interrupted by Wilson. His voice was so deep that it was like he was about to cry.

"What are you talking about? I don't dislike you. " Joanna didn't understand what he was thinking. She really thought he was a trouble before, but now she doesn't think so.

"Then why you are so eager to let me recover my memory?" Wilson looked at Joanna wronged, tears welling up in his eyes, as if he would cry if Joanna didn't want him. "Don't you want to send me away?"

Joanna sighed, as she was so worried about him that she almost forgot Wilson's insecurity, and his dependence on her. "I didn't mean to drive you away. As you heard, the after effect of the car accident has little effect on your body, so I said I would take you to see the doctor to check if there is any other problem. Don't think too much. "

Hearing Joanna's words, Wilson's face brightened up and turned to be innocent as he used to be. "I knew that I'm so cute. How could you abandon me?"

Looking at his uterus, Joanna couldn't help but wonder, 'was it really Wilson?' She felt there were just two persons in front of her.

"Yes, you are right. You are the most lovely person in the world. I promise you. I won't drive you away unless you want to. " Joanna looked at him sincerely and promised.

With the promise of Joanna, Wilson lived in her house and became a temporary part of her family.

Joanna went home immediately after work every day, and Wilson had been studying doing housework lately. Joanna worked very hard every day, so Wilson thought that it would be a shame if he didn't do anything, so he asked Joanna to teach him to do housework. He said confidently, "I will take charge of these things from now on!"

Joanna was delighted by Wilson's consideration. Although she didn't know what kind of person he was in the past, she was moved by his consideration since he moved in her house.

Sometimes Joanna would think that it would be great if they were real lovers.

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