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   Chapter 5 Coquetry Don't Leave Me

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6199

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At the beginning, she was actually excited. Such a beautiful man, a beauty that she had thought could not be reached, suddenly held her hand and stared at her gently. Who could bear it? However, as time went by, she finally found a man who suddenly appeared in her life could cause a series of butterfly effects and troubles.

Wilson would be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, where to go after discharge has become a problem. The doctor told her that his situation was not stable yet, and he needed a good rest to help him with his memory recovery. He hoped that she could help him.

Joanna agreed to the doctor's request as she was always softhearted.

But considering her own situation, she was still secretly searching for Wilson's past. She remembered the first time she met him in the shopping mall. She went there and asked about it, but no one knew Wilson. However, it didn't work these days, so Joanna was inevitably a little disappointed. Who would like to raise a stranger for nothing.

When she returned home, she was in a very bad mood. When she was about to open the door, she saw the man who followed her back all the way looked grievous.

He thought that it was he who made her unhappy so that she would give up on him. So he didn't dare to go too close to her, keeping a suitable distance, and pitifully discussed, "Joanna, don't leave me, okay?"

He looked like a pet dog that didn't want its owner to abandon!

At that time, Joanna's 'heart was softened, and she nodded somehow. Then she was in trouble.

Wilson's innocent and harmless eyes stared straight at Joanna. It seemed that time had stopped at this moment.

Wilson thought Joanna was beautiful. She had a round and chubby face with a little baby fat, and her white skin was very soft, making people want to nip her in the face. Her big, bright and beautiful eyes blinked blankly from time to time.

She was like a piece of white paper, simple enough to be seen through at a glance.

He was very grateful for what Joanna had done for him. Not only did she take care of him for so long, but she paid for his medical fee. What's more, she was willing to take him in. All these made Wilson's heart feel a little warm.

She was so kind-hearted that she couldn't bear to lose him after he picked up this silly guy who was hit by a car. Although he hadn't regained his memory, it was still a piece of cake for him to make a living.

But in front of Joanna, Wilson felt the unprecedented warmth and care. He could have lived without her, but he just couldn't give up the warmth from her. Like a stray puppy, he had to stick to her and draw satisfaction from her.

Thanks to Joanna's selfless help, the fear caused by memory loss was also reduced a lot.

Alas, Joanna sighed.

She couldn't find a house in a short time, and all the family members were taken on vacation by the rich boyfriend of Emily. Therefore, Joanna had to take him home.

"You can stay here temporarily. Then move out when I rent a suitable house." Joanna opened the gate and led Wilson into the house.

Wilson followed

Joanna obediently. When he heard that Joanna asked him to move out, he said with anger, "I don't want to move out. I want to live with you." Then he held the arm of Joanna, as if afraid that she would leave him.

"I didn't ask you to move out alone. I will, too." Joanna thought she must be crazy to rent a house alone for the one following her. This was another big expense.

"There is no spare room in our house. You can sleep on the sofa for a while. Just leave your things in the study." Joanna put the two T-shirts of Wilson which were the only thing he had in the study, and went out to tell Wilson who was standing in the living room.

"Well, where do you live now, Joanna?" Wilson looked at Joanna in confusion.

"Me? Of course I will stay in my own room. What do you think? " As if watching a lunatic, Joanna stared at Wilson. This was her house. If she didn't live in her own room, would she sleep on the ground?

"I don't want to sleep alone. I want to live with you. I can only take a little bit place." He looked at her with a sincere expression.

"You can't even sleep on the ground. Now, go to take a shower." Rubbing her eyebrows, Joanna believed that she would die of anger sooner or later.

While entering the bathroom with all her strength, Joanna pointed at the things in the bathroom and said, "here is hot water. If you feel hot, open this. These were shampoo, body wash and towels. I don't have any proper clothes at home. You can wear my father's clothes. " When she was about to close the door, she added with concern, "be careful with your wound." Then she left the bathroom alone.

When Wilson was showering in the shower, an image flashed through his mind. It was a man taking a shower. He shook his hair and sped up the shower.

While Wilson was taking a shower, Joanna went back to her own room and quickly took a shower. Then she found a new quilt and bed sheet for him. Although there was no spare bed for him to sleep on, she prepared everything that should be prepared. Then she found a set of extra pajamas. It might not fit him, but it was better than nothing.

Joanna was busy finding a quilt for Wilson. When she heard the sound of water in the bathroom stop, she knew that he had finished showering.

She saw Wilson walking out of the bathroom. Her hair was still wet, with water dripping into his collar.

Joanna couldn't help but sigh in her heart, 'he is really handsome. Even if he is wearing ordinary household clothes, he is still handsome.'.

"What's wrong?" He felt a little bit uncomfortable as Joanna kept staring at him. 'Is my clothes too weird? I don't think I'm the person who will wear it, ' he thought.

"Oh, nothing. These are pajamas. You can change them when you go to bed." Joanna looked away hurriedly and blushed. She handed him the pajamas. What are you doing? You are staring at others. "Put the clothes you changed into the washing machine. I'll do it later. You must be hungry. Let's have something to eat first. "She dared not to look at Wilson's face. She lowered her head and walked to the kitchen.

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