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   Chapter 4 I Remembered You

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Half a month later.

"Wilson Yan, do you really remember nothing except your name?"

Hearing that, Joanna felt depressed. She just kindly saved a person who had an accident? Why does he keep pestering me? '

She shouldn't have been so kind. She remembered clearly that the man who called her nosy had not been in that look before.

"I don't remember anything. I remember you."

The car accident was so serious that there was still a small blood clot on Wilson's head, which made him lose part of his memory.

Joanna had tried every means to look for Wilson's family members, but there was still no news. For some reason, she had called the police the day she had rescued Wilson, but the car accident information had been erased completely.

Even at the scene of the accident, Joanna also went to check, but there was no clue left.

It seemed that all the information about Wilson was deliberately erased, as if the car accident had never happened, as if this person had suddenly come to her from heaven.

Everything, just like a dream.

Only, Wilson is real and left in Joanna's life. And it seriously affected her life.

Because of the car accident, Wilson had to be hospitalized in the hospital for a while.

She couldn't find his family and friends, and she couldn't bear to leave him alone in the hospital, so she accepted the doctor's advice to look after him temporarily.

"Wilson, I have to work during the day, and only at night I can see you. You just stay in the hospital during the day and the nurse will take care of you. " Joanna stood on Wilson's bed, she solemnly ordered.

'it must be a joke. I have paid him a lot for his medical treatment. Of course I have to work hard.'.

"Can't you accompany me? It's so boring to stay in hospital alone. " Wilson climbed to the bed and hold Joanna's arm and act like a spoiled child. He also made a cute face, hoping that Joanna would agree to be with him for the sake of his cuteness. However

"No. I have to work. You see, there are so many patients here. You won't be bored." Then she rubbed Wilson's hair, turned around and walked out. "Be good, and I'll return after work."

Looking at the direction where Joanna left and the people in the same ward, he curled his lips. Then he buried his head into the quilt and went to sleep. He swore that he would never talk to Joanna this evening, absolutely.

Smelling the disinfectant in the quilt, Wilson felt a little uncomfortable day and night, but he finally fell asleep.

When Joanna arrived at the night, the doctor had just examined Wilson. Seeing that she was coming, the doctor briefed her about his physical condition, and sent her away.

As soon as she entered the ward, she saw Wilson devouring the food brought by her, as if he hadn't had dinner for days.

"Joanna, the food you cooked is so delicious," Glimpsing at Joanna from the corner of his eye, Wilson fawned, completely forgetting that he had proposed not to talk to her in the morning.

"I didn't make it. I was in a hurry. I bought it outside." Joanna was speechless. It was not necessary to flatter like this.

"Um Well, what you bought is also delicious. " In fa

ct, he didn't really tasted the food carefully. He was just too hungry. The food in the hospital was so bad that it was hard for him to swallow.

"Take your time and eat slowly. Nobody's scrambling for food with you." Looking at his way of eating, Joanna frowned and passed him a piece of tissue.

Wilson didn't take the tissue from Joanna. He raised his head, "Help me to wipe it, Joanna."

Noticing that Joanna didn't move, he continued, "Joanna, I'm a patient now. My hands hurt so much that I can't lift tissues."

"Then what are you eating with?" Joanna looked at him with disgust. He couldn't even lie, for such an obvious flaw.

"Oh, I almost forget it if you didn't mention it. Just because of eating, my hands are really sore now Ah! " While saying that, he pretended to feel a lot of pain, covering his right arm and leaning against the sickbed. "Oh, Joanna, will I die?"

"Stop pretending. Get up now." She wanted to laugh at Wilson, "let me feed you. Don't lose face any more."

Hearing what Joanna said, Wilson sat straight and waited for her to feed, just like a three-year-old boy.

After dinner, she chatted with Wilson. There was meaningless conversation, but Wilson liked it very much. When she left, Wilson was very unhappy, holding Joanna's arms tightly. He even made a fool of the idea to let Joanna sleep in the hospital. It's so expensive to add an extra bed. Joanna didn't agree.

Wilson kept asking for the phone number of Joanna. Although she was reluctant to do so, she could not change her mind since he had been acting like a spoiled child.

Reluctantly, Joanna wrote her number on the note and put it on the bedside table of Wilson. "Well, call me again if you have anything. Be good. I have to go to work tomorrow, so I have to go home. "

Seeing that Joanna had left a phone number to him, Wilson lay down obediently to sleep.

At noon the next day.

Sitting in front of her desk, Joanna looked at the number on her phone, which indicated she was called so many times by someone.

"Haven't I told you? Call me if anything happens? " Joanna said in a low voice for fear that the boss saw her talking on the phone.

"I have something to ask you. Have you had lunch? The lunch in the hospital tastes so bad. Don't forget your lunch even if you are busy." Wilson asked with concern.

It had been a long time since anyone cared about her so much. Joanna's voice became softened. "I was going to have lunch."

"Well, Joanna, go for lunch. I won't hold you up. I will call you in the afternoon. Bye. "

Looking at the phone that was hung up by Wilson, Joanna had a feeling that was hard to explain. Wilson made a dozen phone calls to her in the morning, all filled with boring content, talking about the new nurse looks even uglier, the patient next to him finally left the hospital, and the hospital's bathroom was finally getting cleaner. Such a boring conversation, but Joanna was still patient enough not to hang up the phone. She couldn't even believe it herself.

But when she thought of how much he cared about her, she couldn't help smiling.

Perhaps, it was a good thing that she encountered this big trouble.

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