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   Chapter 3 Destiny

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 7327

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The man's eyes were sharp and cold. But when he looked over at Joanna, his gaze would soften.

It was no other but the man who was driving the white Ferrari.

There was a threatening air surround him, which perhaps was attributed to his sculptural face and tall physique. When he saw the embarrassed and weak look Joanna had, he felt some sympathy for her.

Sympathy? Such a feeling had never occurred to him before.

Usually he had no interest for other people's stories. However, for some reason, he attentively listened to Joanna and Sera's conversation from beginning to end. His curiosity got the better of him, and he wanted to know what the two women were arguing about. As a result, he closely watched Joanna without so much as blinking an eye.

All of a sudden, the man came back to his senses, feeling that it was absurd that he was involving himself with other people's problems. 'I shouldn't waste my time on such a sad, little girl... Although she really is... Well, she's unlucky. That's all there is.

It's none of my business.'

"The bill, please." The man snapped his fingers, and a waiter immediately went over.

He had already got the documents he needed, so there was no need to waste time on such insignificant things.

The man signed his name on the receipt handed over by the waiter, and then looked back at Joanna. "Put that table there on my tab as well," the man said after thinking for a while.

"Yes, sir." The waiter took the bill respectfully and left.

The man walked out of the coffee shop and got on his white Ferrari. He then drove away quickly.

Not far away, on a white commercial vehicle, two men watched him leave in his car. As soon as the Mercedes drove away, they quickly followed.

One of the men gave a conniving and cruel smile. "Wilson Yan left the cafe and is now on his way to the villa. We can start preparing for our action," he said over a microphone.

Meanwhile, back at the cafe...

Joanna was preparing to leave as well.

All of a sudden, her phone started to ring.

Taking a deep breath and wiping away her tears, she answered her phone.

"Hello, Mr. Lin. What can I do for you?"

Joanna was fairly new at the place she was working at, and so she was the one who was always running different errands and other trivial things. 'Calling during my lunch break... I'm sure that this is another one of his personal errands, ' she thought bitterly.

Sure enough, the bossy voice of Mr. Lin came from the other end of the phone. "Joanna, take the company car later and send CEO's suit over to his house. I will message you his address. Be careful with the suit and the car, understood? I want them both to be intact."

"Yes, Mr. Lin."

After hanging up the phone, Joanna knew it was best not to delay her boss's orders. Raising her hand, she called the waiter and asked for the bill.

"Miss, someone has already paid for you."

"Someone paid for my bill? Do you know who it was?" How strange! It couldn't have possibly been her stepmother. She distinctly remembered that Sera just quickly made her leave earlier.

"I do, Miss." The waiter nodded with a smile.

Looking around, she saw a couple of people sitting in the coffee shop. But she had something to do for Mr. Lin, and couldn't dawdle any further on who paid for her order. After thanking the waiter, Joanna quickly left.

She went to her company building just across the street and took one of the company cars from the underground parking lot. Checking her messages, she read the address Mr. Lin had given her. At the sight of the villa's address, Joanna clicked her tongue in admiration.

"Wow, he

really is some big shot, isn't he? This place is remote, and costs a lot of money to have a house built there! But, oh well. What else could you expect from rich people?"

With a sigh, Joanna started the engine and went on her way.

When Joanna was in her third year at university, she used the money she earned from working part-time for driving lessons and to get her license. But after that, she hadn't had a car to practice with since then. As a result, her skills became pretty bad now.

As she drove, she remembered that Mr. Lin said that the president did not often come to their subsidiary company. Therefore, when he came, he must be served accordingly.

Because of this, Joanna wanted to get there as soon as she could. Although her driving skills were poor, she managed to get out of the city and into the western suburbs soon enough.

The western part of H City was considered the area for the super rich people. If Joanna were to buy the smallest, most basic villa here, it would cost her several years-worth of her salary! Since there weren't really a whole lot of rich people to begin with, there were only a few cars in this area. It was also much quieter and more peaceful, making it such a desirable place to live in.

However, there was a conspiracy brewing that was soon to blow over...

In the white Ferrari, the man from before held tightly onto the steering wheel with one hand. Since there were only a few cars around, he wasn't paying full attention on the road, and was busily speaking to someone on the phone through his bluetooth headset.

The man's voice was cold and domineering. "I don't want to explain it again. I won't change my mind easily. Just do as I say!"

Talking on the phone, the man did not notice that a heavy car slowly came out of the next intersection...

Ten minutes later.

The air was thick with the smell of gas and burnt rubber. Joanna had just gotten to the scene, shocked at the sight.

"Oh my god. What happened?"

Joanna pulled up to the side of the road. She unbuckled her seat belt and rushed hurriedly. There were no cameras at this section of the road, and cars seldom passed by here. There also weren't any traffic enforces or passersby to witness what had happened. It was apparent that Joanna was the first one to come to the scene.

As she ran towards the distorted, white car, she pulled out her phone to call for an ambulance.

On the pavement, there was a pool of blood, indicating that someone was obviously badly hurt. As she got closer, she saw the man in the car, his face covered with blood. The sight of him made her stomach wrench.

She still wasn't sure whether the man was dead or not. Summoning up all her courage, she walked in closer. Reaching out her hand through the broken window, she carefully placed her finger on the side of his neck.

She gently probed, trying to feel for his pulse.

A chill went down her spine, feeling more frightened the more she stayed here. And then all of a sudden, she seemed to feel a weak pulse.

"He's not dead!" Joanna breathed a sigh of relief, her forehead beading with sweat.

With a closer look, the man looked familiar... She shook her head. Now wasn't the time to think about who this man was, she thought. Every second that she wasted could mean life or death for this man!

"Sir? Can you hear me? Wake up, Sir... Hold on, okay? I've called the ambulance,"

Joanna called out again and again. Just when the man was about to slip into darkness, his eyes fluttered open slightly, as if her voice had a sense of magic to it.

With a groan, his gaze focused onto Joanna's face. "It's... you..."

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