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   Chapter 662 A Kind Little Wife

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However, it was inconceivable that Jasmine was with Chester.

That's why Violet thought of this.

"She treated you like that. Why do you still speak for her?" Terence couldn't help reminding her. His wife was so kind that he had to often remind her what everyone had done to her.

Terence's lips slowly approached Violet's ears, and the sensitive Violet suddenly shrank her body because of Terence's breath. Fortunately, Terence did not choose to attack, but slowly kissed around her ears.

"Maybe there is a misunderstanding between us. She did that to me, but she also saved me," Violet said in a serious tone.

Terence was on the rise. How could he allow Violet to spoil his good mood?

He stopped kissing around her ears and said seriously,

"I see. I will investigate it carefully."

Next, they could...

Terence thought happily, but Violet immediately said,

"Now that the Jiang family has been defeated, will Chester still control her?"

No matter what Terence thought, Violet was sure that the abnormality of Jasmine was caused by the control of Chester.

Seeing that Violet was so interested in the matter of Jasmine, Terence said frankly,

"She didn't want to come back. I went to see her when I left, but she didn't want to leave."

Just as Violet thought, Terence also thought that Jasmine was forced to stay with Chester.

Unfortunately, even if the Jiang family was defeated, Jasmine still chose to stay.

In this case, what else could he not understand?

"How could this be?" Violet was shocked, which was totally beyond her imagination.

Such a fact was against her cognition, and she was even more unable to understand it.

Terence wanted to tell Violet the truth so they could end the conversation.

However, the more he explained, the more curious Violet became. In this way, when would he enjoy his benefits?

Terence said impatiently,

"Who knows what she is thinking about? She has always been like this since she was a child. She never says anything when she has something on her mind."

She had been like this when she was a child. And she did not change even she grew up.


o her, she was happy that Violet could come.

Since she married Jordan, many of her previous relationships had been severed. It was needless to say her male friends could not contact her. The only woman she really wanted to befriend was Violet.

Without any restraint, Violet said bluntly,

"I will go abroad in a few days. Please take care of my parents."

It would take at least a week for her to go abroad. She was worried that the two elders of Tang family couldn't take care of each other at home.

During the four years when she left, Isla came to visit her parents whenever she had time, which made the two elders of the Tang family less depressed.

Isla had been wondering why Violet went abroad. Suddenly, she remembered what Patrick had told her in River Province. She couldn't help asking,

"Go abroad... Are you really going to visit Arthur with Noah?"

"Why not?" On the contrary, Violet didn't realize that Isla was making a fuss.

Isla knew at once that Violet went abroad for Arthur.

"Did Terence agree?" she asked cautiously.

"Yes." Violet didn't hide anything.

Seeing that Isla was making a fuss, Violet told her again,

"He will go with us."

"Oh my God!" This time, Isla's mood could not be described as surprise.

This time, Isla couldn't stay calm anymore.

"Really? He agreed?"

According to her understanding of Terence for many years, Terence would never agree to this!

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