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   Chapter 660 Trust Me, You Will Find A Way

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Manuel stepped forward to pull them away, but he was also injured, so he ignored them.

From his personal point of view, h didn't like Chester either. Now that he had this opportunity, he also wanted Terence to beat Chester.

Chester boasted that he was invincible. With his good physique as a soldier since childhood, he was invincible in the military compound.

That was because he didn't meet Terence.

In addition to his identity as a businessman, Terence was also the leader of a special organization. If he did not have some special ability, how could he lead those outlaws?

Terence didn't show mercy at the beginning, and after a few rounds, Chester had no strength to fight back.

On the other side, Manuel was surprised. He knew that Chester was capable to fight, but he didn't know that Terence was even more powerful than Chester.

As the saying goes, "Like father like son." Terence was much more capable than Chester.

Seeing that Terence was about to finish giving vent to his anger and Chester was dying, he ordered his men to pull the two away.

They were all adults. It's okay to fight. But it's not good if someone was killed.

In this case, if Samuel asked them for an explanation, they would not be able to explain.

Chester was sent to the hospital in a hurry, and Terence didn't refuse, which made him a little relieved.

"Terence..." Manuel wanted to say something to comfort Terence. After all, Terence had the upper hand in the fight just now. No matter how dissatisfied he was, he should vent it.

However, Terence didn't appreciate it and said directly,

"Manuel, release my father and Uncle Sam."

His eyes were firm and formal. Even if he didn't threaten him, he still trembled with fear.

He had never felt Terence's imposing manner thoroughly before. But today, he saw it and couldn't help but feel lucky.

Fortunately, this man was not in political, or the Gu family would have a new height. He even would pose a threat to the Yan family.

"Terence, let me tell you the truth. This is the order of my father. I have no right to release them."

This was the truth.

Previously, Manuel was afraid that Terence couldn't understand, so he didn't say anything.

But n

seems that you know the Yan family better than I do."

His words were full of deep meaning, and he admired Terence very much.

Even he himself couldn't believe that the Yan family would give up the Gu family in the end before things happened.

Why did Terence help him?

It was very clear to Manuel that this was the surrender of the Gu family. Terence had made great contribution in their battle to suppress the Jiang family.

But now, the Yan family not only didn't thank the Gu family, but also abandoned it. Such a method was chilling.

The two had been friends for a long time, so naturally, Manuel knew what kind of person Terence was. If it weren't for the pressure of the Yan family, Terence would never take out this video.

Although he didn't do something, it didn't mean that he didn't know it.

"Don't worry. The two uncles can go home tonight." Manuel did not evade anymore but point out the key point.

In the past, he didn't have the right to speak, because he didn't have anything that could restrain others.

But now, with this video, the Yan family didn't dare to be too presumptuous.

An hour later, Hiram and Sam walked out of the office.

"Father, Uncle Sam." Terence hurried to them and took them over.

Hiram was still in a daze and asked,

"Terence, did you bring us out?"

They stayed in the room for the whole afternoon. At night, they suddenly said that they were free. They didn't know what had happened when they left like this.

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