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   Chapter 659 An Abandoned Person

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Chester didn't treat him as an outsider at all and took the initiative to offer help.

It was better for Manuel not to have a head-on collision with Terence now, which was the reason why Manuel endured him again and again.

But it was not easy to deal with Terence, so there was no way for Manuel to solve it. Now that Chester offered to help, he nodded.

"Thank you."

"You are welcome."

Terence was very happy to deal with Terence's problem.

He walked up to Terence and explained,

"Mr. Terence, to tell you the truth, Mr. Manuel and I are like old friends at the first sight. We became friends without your permission. Please don't take it to heart."

He seemed to put Terence in a very high position, and even thought it was not shameful to get Terence's consent. But on the other hand, it was also a kind of irony?

Terence was never like what he said, and Terence had no right to discipline Manuel.

Chester acted like he was quite familiar to him. In fact, he only knew Terence. At this moment, he actually said,

"As the saying goes, a friend's friend is a friend. How about we make a friend, Mr. Terence?"

"Fuck off!" Terence cursed.

He hadn't settled accounts with Chester for what happened to Jasmine, but Chester dared to take the initiative to come up?

Instead of getting angry, Chester laughed, looking like a lunatic.

"Mr. Terence, I don't want to listen to you at this time. I have never offended Mr. Terence, but you have made our Jiang family homeless."

His tone was soft and feminine, which made the temperature drop a few degrees for no reason.

Terence didn't want to talk to Chester at all. Instead, Chester kept explaining.

Yes, Chester hated Terence to the core.

If Terence hadn't ruined his plan, it was still unknown what would happen now.

It was all Terence's fault.

Do you think Chester will let go of Terence?

Terence didn't even bother to look at Chester. He asked Manuel,

"Manuel, do you want to tell me that the Yan Family and the Jiang family have made up?"

"Terence, there are some things that I can't decide." Manuel was a little depressed. The Yan family was a big family. It reached the peak when his father took over. But when it passed it to him, and he couldn't make it outstanding. Because of this, the burden of the Yan family was unimaginable to ordi


Chester didn't care at all. He was waiting for Terence to kneel down and beg for mercy.

The Jiang family couldn't hurt the Yan family. Couldn't he even deal with a small Gu family?

Chester was very proud, but Terence's fists also came.

"Terence, don't..."

Noticing Terence's intention, Manuel stopped him in a hurry.

However, before he could stop, Terence's fist had already hit Chester's face.

Chester didn't notice that and fell to the ground directly.

Terence still wanted to attack, but this time he was stopped by Manuel.

"Fuck off!" Even Manuel only tried to stop him, he didn't show mercy.

How could Manuel let it go?

Although the Jiang family was defeated, it was still a distinguished guest in the Yan family. He asked Chester to come today to discuss the future plan. If he was disturbed by Terence for no reason, he could spoil the business.

Terence was in a fit of anger. How could Manuel stop him?

He glared at Manuel, his eyes full of anger. If Manuel still didn't know the situation, he didn't mind beating him too.

Perhaps it was because Terence's eyes were too frightening that the strength of Manuel's hands was somewhat reduced.

Terence took the opportunity to break free and waved his fist at Chester.

Chester also came back to his senses at the moment. He didn't expect that Terence would really fight.

Even if Terence came aggressively, he couldn't just wait to be beaten.

Chester stood up straight. Facing the gesture of Terence rushing over, the two men directly fought fiercely.

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