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   Chapter 657 Stir Up Trouble Again

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Noah must have just waken up, but he didn't say anything.

He had completely listened to her conversation with Terence. So he took the initiative to propose to visit Arthur.

He knew how to make Terence agree and he knew Terence's weakness better.

"Don't do that again. Daddy love you very much, so he will satisfy all your requirements. But he has his own reason. You have to discuss with him." Although Violet felt that Terence's idea was unreasonable, she still wanted to teach Noah to listen to Terence's idea.

Besides this, they still had a long time to get along with each other in the future.

At first, Noah wanted to refute, but because it was Violet's talking, he just said sulkily,

"Got it."

He just wanted to help his mother, but he was taught again...

When Tina got home and heard that Neil's problem had been solved, she was very happy.

She wanted to call Sam to tell him the situation, but the phone was not connected.

"What happened? He always answer the phone as soon as I call. "

Tina felt incredible. She had been married to Sam for many years, so she knew him well.

Sam didn't answer the phone, which had never happened in her memory.

"Perhaps he is in a meeting and muted it," Violet explained.

"No, he has always adjusted the phone to vibration," Tina denied directly. She knew Sam well, so she felt it incredible.

"Maybe he is too busy to notice it," Violet continued to explain.

What she thought more was that Tina was too sensitive. In fact, sometimes he just didn't hear it when he did not answer the phone.

After thinking for a while, Tina thought it made sense. However, she still wouldn't let go of it. Then she asked Emily,

"Sister in law, can you get through to brother?"

Fortunately, Sam was with Hiram, if she couldn't get through with Sam, it could be connected to Hiram.

However, Emily said,

"Terence called when he came home just now. He is not connected."

She didn't take it seriously at first, but when she saw the nervous look on Tina's face, she couldn't help but get nervous.

"Then I'll call again?" asked Tina.

"Okay, call him." Emily was also nervous, staring at Tina'.


w that the meeting had already ended, and Hiram and Sam were detained.

After getting a general understanding of the situation, he went to the meeting place.

However, what was waiting for him was an empty room.

Terence looked for several people in succession, and what he got was only one sentence,

"We are also under the order of the superior."


Who else could restrain the Gu family except the Number One Family?

Patrick's warning finally happened. Terence sighed heavily.

He didn't wait any longer and called Manuel.

Manuel was the third generation of the Yan family. The Chief in power was none other than Manuel's father.

As the crown prince, Manuel's identity had always been confidential, and his contact with Terence was also secret.

Manuel was straightforward and gave the address directly.

This was the private club of Manuel. Terence walked through the VIP passage and saw him directly.

"Terence." While drinking alone, Manuel was very happy to see Terence.

Terence stepped forward and pulled up Manuel.

"Go to a place with me."

Manuel was holding a glass of wine in his hand, most of the wine was spilled out because of Terence's pulling.

"Don't worry. Take your time to tell me what is going on."

Then Manuel put down the glass and tried to calm Terence down.

How could Terence calm down in such a situation?

Looking at Manuel's gesture, it was obvious that he knew something.

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