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   Chapter 656 Noah Is Smart And Considerate

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She was so formal that she didn't even have the desire to quarrel.

She only had a formulaic attitude towards Terence.

"You!" Terence was annoyed, but he didn't dare to be angry anymore.

Violet continued,

"I'll go with Noah."

If they all went there, why did Terence object?

After calming down, Terence knew that quarrels couldn't solve any problems. He had just touched Violet's bottom line, so he didn't dare to get angry at the moment.

After calming down, he asked seriously,

"At all costs? Even if you give up on me?"

He didn't know what was on Violet's mind. They had a happy marriage with great difficulty. Wasn't it more important than visiting an old man?

Where did she think the Yan family was?

That was a dangerous place. Even if he went there, he couldn't guarantee that he would be safe, let alone Violet.

He didn't believe that Patrick would have any good intentions. Maybe when Violet wasn't with him, Patrick could keep protecting her. However, when Violet was with him, there was no need for Patrick to protect Violet.

Unless he and Violet were completely separated.

After being threatened by Patrick, Terence deeply understood what Patrick was thinking. Patrick always wanted to separate him and Violet.

"Don't push me." Violet frowned. Although she was in a dilemma, she wouldn't be soft hearted when it came to the critical moment of choice.

Terence smiled bitterly and shook his head as he said,

"You are the one who is forcing me."

He could explain to Violet what Patrick was thinking, but did Violet believe him?

On the contrary, Violet thought he was slandering Patrick on purpose. He was too narrow-minded.

Terence suddenly found that Patrick was really good at playing tricks.

Although he took Violet away, Violet still trusted Patrick. What's more, they were quarreling for Patrick.

Terence, who had calmed down, broke out in a cold sweat. Unconsciously, even he almost fell into Patrick's trap.

Terence glanced at her and was about to explain to Violet, but suddenly he saw Noah with his eyes open.

go to have a look, okay?"

He pouted, looking pitiful. His big innocent eyes flashed, full of expectations. How could Terence refuse?

Looking at the mini version of himself, Terence wished he could put all the most beautiful things in the world in front of him and let him select.

How could he refuse his choice?

"Okay, I'll go with you to see great grandpa Arthur." Terence finally agreed.

"Dad, you are the best."

Noah was so happy that she gave Terence a big kiss on the cheek.

Terence had never been treated like this before.

Although he was dissatisfied with the visit to Arthur, Noah's kiss instantly calmed him down.

Violet was more confused when she heard Terence agree them to go. He was persuade by Noah in a few words, then what were they arguing about just now?

However, Violet was very satisfied with this matter.

"Mom?" As soon as Noah got out of bed, he came to Violet and held her hand, looking confused.

Violet glanced at the gesture of Noah and said,

"Well, grandma has prepared the dinner. Let's go downstairs for dinner."

"Okay." Holding Violet's hand, Noah went downstairs happily.

Looking at the back of the mother and son, Terence had countless feelings for a moment.

"Mom, did I do a good job?" Seeing that no one else was around, Noah whispered in Violet's ear and asked for credit.

How could Violet not know her son?

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