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   Chapter 655 A Quarrel

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The door was suddenly opened and Terence came in.

He looked a little tired. Seeing that Noah was asleep, he walked quietly.

Violet teased,

"Noah so excited these days that he doesn't have any energy when he comes back."

Looking at her son who was sleeping like a little pig on the bed, Violet felt a burst of tenderness in her heart.

If she didn't have Noah, she didn't know how to make up for the past four years. Fortunately, the appearance of Noah reduced the damage to the minimum, and there was a connection between her and Terence.

Terence tucked the quilt for Noah and raised the temperature of the air conditioner. Looking at Noah's sleeping position, he said,

"He will be energetic when he wakes up. He should be like this at his age."

Violet and Terence had reached a high level of agreement on the issue of kid.

This was the fruit of their love, where the dream came down to.

Violet suddenly thought of Emily's question and asked,

"Has the Gu family's problem been solved?"

She told Emily that the problem had been solved because they had come back. However, there was no report to confirm this conjecture. The only person Violet could ask was Terence.

Terence's smiling face darkened when he heard this.

Violet thought he had something to do with the confidential order, so she quickly said,

"I didn't mean anything else. I was just asking. If it's a secret, forget it."

Violet had meant well, but why did Terence feel so uncomfortable?

He looked at the woman in front of him and said angrily,

"The Gu family's problem has been solved. Are you going to take Noah to see his 'great grandpa'?"

In Terence's mind, the reason why Violet asked this question was that she was worried about Arthur. But why?

She was his wife. Why should she visit Patrick's grandfather?

No way!

Violet didn't think about it at all. It was because Terence had a complicated mind.

Especially when Violet heard Terence's ruthless attitude, she was even more annoyed.

"If it weren't for Arthur's mercy, we wouldn't have been

et thought, he had a clear conscience.

Violet came back to her senses. What did she say?

These words could instantly disintegrate her hard won happiness.

Violet wanted to apologize, but Terence's anger was irresistible.

He couldn't wait to question Violet,

"What about you? What's your relationship with Patrick? Isn't it because of Patrick that you can't wait to see Arthur?"

No matter how tolerant he was, he was a man.

He couldn't accept that his woman had been with another man. What's more, what they had done together annoyed Terence.

"You..." Violet was so angry that she almost fainted.

Terence finally spoke his mind.

In the past four years, it was not as if he did not care.

He cared a lot about what she had done with Patrick.

Tears were rolling in her eyes, but she tried her best to hold them back. She was so strong that it made people's heart ache.

Violet's tears brought Terence back to his senses. Looking at the woman he loved so much, Terence wanted to slap himself.

"Sorry, I was too excited. I am not... " That's not what he meant. Although Violet and Patrick had been together for four years, he knew that Violet's heart and body belonged to him.

He was so angry just now that he spoke without thinking.

Ignoring his apology, Violet stopped crying and said seriously,

"Terence, what if I have to visit Arthur?"

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