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   Chapter 626 Sister-In-Law's Imposing Manner

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Jasmine's attitude was beyond her expectation, or did she really change?

Jasmine lost her patience with Violet. She no longer persuaded her kindly, but warned, "Violet, although you have changed a lot, your innocent have never changed. There were many evil things in the world that couldn't be avoided. You can only live according to the rules of others. What you don't know is that you are standing on the cliff and can't turn around anymore."

If she meant something, Violet didn't know what she had experienced, but she could imagine her pain.

"As long as you look back, you can find the flat and safe ground behind you." Her eyes were firm, and her faith in herself was as firm as ever.

Jasmine sneered with disdain in his eyes.

"You can't defeat Chester. Why do you ask for trouble?"

Jasmine had no confidence in Violet, Terence, or even the Gu family.

Obviously, she knew a lot of things, but she was not willing to tell anyone.

Was it her depravity or her forbearance to stay with Chester?

Jasmine had changed a lot, from temperament to appearance.

Jasmine was old and it was at a beautiful season for women, but she looked a little old under the cover of makeup.

The once proud Jasmine almost became a laughing stock of the Gu family. She didn't deserve to be a member of the Gu family, because she had chosen the wrong person.

"We can go to drug rehabilitation..."

Violet hesitated.

She knew that the method to control Jasmine of Chester was drug.

If that was the only way, she could accept Jasmine.

If Jasmine left the Gu family because of this, it was not worth it.

Jasmine only sneered. Apparently, she didn't take Violet's advice seriously.

Violet gave up her thought and explained again, "You know Terence better than I do. Will he flinch again?"

As Jasmine's brother, Terence had Jasmine's persistence. They had similar personalities. How could Terence give up something that Jasmine couldn't give up?

Jasmine had asked Terence to stay away from this matter more than once, but the Jiang family never wanted to let go of the Gu family, so that the matter was irreparable.

"Yes, things have developed so fast that even I can't control

ed to greet Violet.

He had been in high spirits a few days ago, but now he was in such a situation. Violet felt sorry for him.

"You just come back home. Get some rest as soon as possible," she urged.

Neil seemed to be in a poor mental state. It could be imagined what was going on in the interrogation room. He could finally have a rest at home.

Neil shook his head and said frankly, "I heard that my brother and Jordan are here. I can't fall asleep."

Since he had an accident, he was afraid that it would affect the Gu family.

Violet was a woman, so he couldn't ask more. Only when he saw Terence and asked about the Gu family could he feel at ease.

Violet knew what he was worried about, but considering Neil's health condition, he shouldn't be too tired.

Now, she also pulled a long face and said in the tone of 'sister-in-law', "Even if you can't fall asleep, you have to. How sad your brother is to see you like this."

Then she asked Sheila, "Has he had dinner?"

"He just had some gruel. He said he had no appetite." Now, Sheila finally had an outlet. She told on everything what Neil had said to her in full details.

'Bread is the staff of life.' How could he not eat?

Violet said, "I just had a full stomach of coffee, so I have no appetite. Now that you have come out, we should celebrate."

"Sister in law..." Neil still wanted to refute, but Violet didn't give him a chance at all.

"Cut the crap. Do whatever I said."

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