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   Chapter 625 Revive The Former Affection Or Let Bygones Be Bygones

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7274

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He was wearing a police uniform, nearly forty years old, but he looked like a thirty-year-old.

Even Jasmine was not here, he managed to take good care of himself. With his appearance and status, many girls flocked to him.

"Jasmine, I can't go abroad because of my identity. Let's have a video chat, okay?"

"Grace, our relationship is over. Over, do you understand?"

Jasmine rushed over and said excitedly.

Even though they had been apart for five years, when she face him again, oh, no, she just saw his image, she couldn't control herself.

Those things that she had already forgotten appeared in her mind at this moment, which made Jasmine unbearable.

She glared at Violet. If it weren't for Violet, why would she have to face all these?

With a pale face, he only said a word to calm Jasmine down.

"Jasmine, I know everything."

"You..." Jasmine was shocked and looked at him in disbelief.

How did he know that she had hidden it from him for a long time?

Jasmine's reaction was clearly seen by him. He had not been out of control for many years, but now he said solemnly, "I love you."


Jasmine's brain was about to explode. What she had waited for ten years, but she heard it five years after the divorce.

"I'll go out first. You guys take your time."

Violet stood up considerately and walked out of the room.

She knew that there would be a lot to talk about between Jasmine and Grace. What she wanted was only Jasmine's promise. As for the process, she didn't want to know.

As time passed, Violet sat alone in the coffee shop. Looking at the crowd, she felt sad and depressed.

Terence, the man she had chosen, had many secrets.

For example, when she was in Ukraine, she saw clearly that Terence's entourage had a gun in his hand.

For example, Ben, the man who had been around Terence had a gangland background.

Terence seemed to be omnipotent. Every time things went into a dead end, he had a solution.

But she didn't know that.

Since she had chosen Terence, she would believe everything he had done. If possible, she really wanted to share the burden for Terence.

She still had a lot of unknown th

ests related words.

On the contrary, Violet said, "Compared with you now, I think I will like the previous you. Although you are tough, family means everything to you."

Jasmine was not the only one who could talk like that, so could she.

But in the past, she disdained to tell Jasmine. Since Jasmine still had conscience, she could persuade her to return from a lost path.

"You are so eloquent. Terence is really good at choosing a wife." Jasmine sneered and stared at Violet, as if she wanted to see through her.

However, Jasmine still couldn't see through Violet. How could she understand others if she didn't even see through herself?

Violet could tell that Jasmine was not hostile. She even admired her a little.

Compared with her previous disdain, this time she added some complex emotions.

Violet smiled and said, "I'm flattered. The choice is up to you. You can also find your own happiness."

It seemed that the conversation between Jasmine and Grace was not completely useless.

At least, she could feel happy.

Compared with feeling other people's happiness, perhaps her own happiness was what she expected in her heart.

Before Violet could say more, Jasmine said firmly, "It's too late!"

Her voice was emotionless, as if she was emotionless.

Violet was stunned for a while, and then Jasmine said, "Do you think that I will rekindle our relationship?"

'Couldn't it be?'

Violet asked in her heart.

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