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   Chapter 527 Don't Scare The Baby

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"What?" Obviously, Isla didn't know about it. She looked confused.

Violet said firmly, "Yesterday, she kidnapped me and Noah."

When did Jasmine become so stupid to trade what had happened for Isla's trust.

"How is that possible?" Obviously, Isla didn't believe it, but Violet said firmly, "You can ask her."

If Jasmine could tell Isla that he didn't kidnap her, she would also warn Isla to stay away from Jasmine in the future.

Seeing that Violet was determined, Isla didn't retort, but explained, "There must be some misunderstanding."

She knew Jasmine since she was a child, and Jasmine was like a goddess in her heart.

After Jasmine left, although she had changed a lot, she was still the charming girl in Isla's heart. How could she kidnap her?

Seeing that Isla didn't believe her, Violet had nothing to say.

The communication needed to be between two people with mutual understanding. Isla didn't believe it, so she had to choose to remain silent.

Isla glanced at Violet and said angrily, "But don't take sis Jasmine's words that lightly. I can see that she is serious."

She came to tell Violet the truth out of kindness. How could Violet not believe it?

Although Violet had said so much about Jasmine, Isla still believed that Jasmine was not joking.

Violet sighed and said seriously, "Send a message to Jasmine for me."

Isla also straightened up and looked at Violet curiously.

Violet said slowly, "As long as she doesn't kidnap me, no one will kidnap me."

She didn't know what tricks Jasmine was playing. If she still wanted to fool her, then she was wrong.

"Violet, be rational!" Isla protested loudly. She just couldn't figure out that it was unnecessary for Jasmine to deceive her by this matter.

Even ten thousand steps back, it was a lie. So it was not a big deal to be more cautious.

Violet shook her head. Isla was not her and would never understand her difficulties. She said frankly, "Isla, I don't know your relationship with Jasmine. But I don't like Jasmine, and I even hate her. I don't want any misunderstandings between us because of her. You'd better not mention her in front of me. "

It was the first tim


She also suspected that Melisa was very kind to Terence when she just came back. Why couldn't Melisa hear a word about Terence in such a short time?

Liam hurriedly persuaded, "Please talk nicely. Don't scare the girl."

They had been married for many years. He knew Melisa very well. But now this matter could not be solved in a hurry, and it needed patience.

It would be better if Liam didn't persuade her. But as soon as he persuaded Melisa, anger rose directly. She said discontentedly, "I'll talk nicely? Will you listen to me when I talk nicely? "

Liam felt wronged. What did it have to do with him?

Helplessly, he didn't dare to say anything when Melisa got angry.

After venting her anger, Melisa said to Violet, "Go and get Noah back now. If they want to see the child, they can come to our home." Her posture was full of confidence, and there was no room for negotiation. How she wished she could see Noah now, which would make Violet suffer a lot.

"Mom..." She couldn't go to the Gu family, but Melisa didn't listen to her explanation.

"Will you go or not?" Melisa threatened. Seeing that Violet was unwilling to take action, she said directly, "If you don't go, I'll go!"

Then she rushed to the door.

Fortunately, Liam quickly stopped her, and Violet instantly grabbed Melisa's arm and said helplessly, "Mom, what are you doing?"

Liam also persuaded, "Can you get into the gate of the army base at midnight?"

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