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   Chapter 523 The Plot Of Ellie

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Violet arrived at Ellie's Restaurant soon. The waiter in the restaurant had already known Violet, and Ellie had told him that when the waiter saw Violet, he directly took her to the private room where Ellie was.

"Miss Tang, this way please."

It was not the opening time yet, and the waiters in the restaurant were cleaning up. Not long after Violet walked under the guidance of the waiter, she saw Ellie in the private room.

"Aunt Ellie,"

she greeted Ellie.

She realized that no matter what the purpose of Ellie and Parsons was, she hadn't found their malice for the time being. In this way, she didn't have to worry about it. She just took action judging by the situation.

She believed that she would know some secrets after getting along with them for a long time.

Seeing Violet, Ellie was not as calm as usual. She smiled and said, "Violet, I'm glad to see you. You're more beautiful than before."

Violet's skin was much better than before, probably because she stayed in the room all day long.

Violet took it as a courtesy of Ellie and said, "Auntie Ellie, you are the one who can keep your youth."

Ellie's skin care was not inferior to that of her peers, she did not even look older than Violet.

She didn't look like a more than forty-year-old woman at all. She looked about the same age as Violet.

Ellie rolled her eyes and teased, "Well, I'm not as beautiful as you young people. Love nourishes you, you are much more beautiful this old woman." Her eyes were full of ambiguity, which could represent many meanings without saying anything more.

Violet's face was a little stiff, but she managed to squeeze out a smile and said, "Aunt Ellie, you know, I don't have any love."

She had completely broken up with Patrick, and with Terence... It was also ambiguous. It was good that she was not alone. How could she talk about love?

She turned around and said slowly, "What? Terence didn't go to see you last night?" She looked surprised, and Violet was also confused by her suspicious look.

"Why did he come to me?" Violet was confused.

After Terence sent her home yesterday, they parted away.

blow almost made her depressed.

Now that she saw the daughter of her enemy, how could she like her?

But she had to be patient and act like an elder in front of Violet, waiting for an opportunity...

"Divorced? When did it happen? " Ellie pretended not to know and asked.

Telling this to Ellie, Violet had also experienced a lot of psychological struggle. But in the end, she chose to trust Ellie and said frankly, "Just a few days ago, we didn't inform a lot of people when we got married. Now we have divorced. In order to reduce the impact, the Gu family still doesn't know."

What Violet said was not much different from what Ellie thought.

But she still wanted to say, "I thought you stayed because you wanted to be with Terence."

Before she found out that Violet had divorced, she did think so. She didn't expect that Violet was more courageous than she was back then. She could afford and let go.

Violet shook her head. She explained, "Actually... In fact, I lost my memory abroad. " Once she chose to talk to her, it could no longer be stopped.

"Amnesia?" Ellie was confused again.

Violet said bluntly, "Yes, I lost my memory four years ago. Everything I have experienced now is fresh to me. "

It was a fresh memory for her to know Ellie and Terence, including meeting her parents.

With a little hesitation, Ellie said, "I was right. You are different now. It's because of your memory loss. "

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