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   Chapter 520 Which Is The Truth

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There was no time for Laura to think. Her brain was spinning quickly to find a way to save her.

"Grandpa, where did you get it?" Laura asked first.

Parsons's eyes flashed and looked at Terence. Obviously, he was telling Laura that it had something to do with Terence.

Only then did Laura realize that Terence was here to blame her.

She really admired Terence. He had done all the stupid things he had never done before for the sake of Violet.

But now, she was not in the mood to warn Terence. She said disdainfully, "Mr. Gu, do you believe what it said is true?"

The idea was simple. Whether it was true or not, there was only one witness, Mary. As long as she could control Mary, even Terence could do nothing to her.

Terence glanced at Laura. It was not until now that he realized how good this woman was at acting.

If he didn't know the truth, he would have been deceived.

"I should ask you that," Terence said coldly.

Laura denied directly, "How could I do such a thing? Grandpa, I have never done it." She looked at Parsons. As long as Parsons believed her, she was fearless.

Parsons paused and seemed to believe what Laura said.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Laura continued, "I don't know who wants to slander me like this, but don't think I will admit what I haven't done."

Wasn't it Terence who slandered her?

Parsons watched aside for a long time, from Laura's action to her eyes. As his granddaughter, he could only believe her since she had denied it.

"Terence, is there any misunderstanding?" Parsons asked.

People were selfish. When their family was in danger, most people were more inclined to choose to protect their family.

Parsons was not a saint. Even if he wanted to help Violet, he had to help Laura more in front of the upcoming crisis.

As for Violet, she was just a little girl he liked most.

Parsons finally showed his true feelings in front of the big crisis.

Terence didn't get angry. He knew it would happen. Why was the Bai family so inward? It was all because of Parsons. He was like the

cked her.

"She is just good at seducing men."

She heard it clearly. It was her own voice.

The voice continued. Mary asked, "Sister, can't we have a way to deal with her? She is the apple of the Gu family's eye. No one else is allowed to get close to her. "

The voice sent a chill down Laura's spine. She knew that it was the recording of her and Mary scheming against Violet's car accident!

"It's easy to deal with her. Isn't she pregnant? The violent collision will have an irreversible impact on the child. Without the child, what position does she have in the Gu family? "

Hearing her own order, Laura said in a disdainful tone at that time. She couldn't move, and her brain was about to explode.

While Mary, an idiot, asked, "You mean..."

"A car accident." These words were spoken by Laura in a gentle voice, it was easy to understand.


Hearing that, Laura's brain exploded in an instant. She had never expected that Terence would have the record of that.

She didn't think too much and just wanted to cover up the truth.

"False. This is the evidence of false accusation! Grandpa... " She explained to Parsons. She knew that only Parsons could save her now.

How could Parsons not know who was telling the truth and who was lying? But at this point, he had no choice.

He said in a low voice, "Terence, recording is not allowed in the court."

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