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   Chapter 512 The Real Paternity Test

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"No." Terence said firmly.

Noticing that Violet was confused, he explained, "Although Patrick is despicable, he is not so shameless."

Patrick had received good etiquette education since childhood. He could see that he really liked Violet. He wouldn't do such a dirty thing to the woman he liked.

But Terence was destined not to tell Violet that Patrick liked her.

He glanced at Violet and said indifferently, "When Noah first came here, Isla said that he was my illegitimate child. In order to prove my innocence, I took him to have a paternity test."

Violet was shocked. She didn't expect that Terence had already known the result. But she knew nothing about it.

Glancing at the inquiring Violet, he explained, "The test result is in the box in front of you."

Without waiting for his answer, Violet couldn't wait to open the box. She took out the testimonial and looked through it roughly, and the final result suddenly appeared in front of her.

"It's really your son."

Violet's voice was calm, but she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

Although there were countless evidences showing that the son of Terence was his, she still had doubts before she saw the final result. Violet didn't dare to make any mistake in this kind of thing. Only when she saw the final result could she feel at ease.

Vaguely, Violet also realized that perhaps in her deep heart, she also hoped that the boy would be Terence's son.

Terence saw Violet's reaction. In fact, he was also afraid. He was afraid that Violet would misunderstand his intention and that Violet didn't like the fact that Noah was his son. But from Violet's reaction, although she was hesitant, she accepted it. She even seemed to be a little happy.

Terence had always been a good judge of people. At this moment, he put all his attention on Violet.

"He resembles me so much. Don't you have a guess?" Terence said in a teasing tone. Finally, he made up his mind to Noah, and his mood was much relaxed.

Violet was a little stunned and thought, 'Yes, just like Terence, a paternity test can confirm it. Why is it so complicate

his man was harmless to her.

Thinking of what Terence had just said, Violet said indifferently, "Just let Noah stay with grandma for a few more days."

She could understand that Mrs. Gu liked to be with Noah. It was also her wish to make the old man happy for a few more days.

A smile flashed in Terence's eyes. He nodded. Before he was happy, Violet continued, "We are going abroad in a few days."

That was to say, once she went abroad with Noah, Mrs. Gu didn't know when she would see him next time.

Terence's smile froze on his face. He knew that things could not be so simple. There was a distance of four years between them. How could they die in just a few days with a few words.

Terence couldn't stop Violet from leaving, so he asked, "Never come back?"

His voice was trembling, and the strong emotion made him look a little excited.

Violet noticed Terence's reaction, but she couldn't promise anything now.

Violet said frankly, "Dad, mom want to go to the place where I used to live. They two have been busy for most of their lives. Now they have retired and have nothing to do. I want to take them abroad for a walk and have a look."

As for whether she would come back or not, Violet thought she should come back.

She didn't want to come back before what happened today. But when she understood what Terence meant, there was a voice in her heart that drove her not to leave.

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