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   Chapter 509 If Trust Is A Kind Of Understanding

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He said, "Dad, I'm sorry. Noah, I'm sorry. Can you forgive me? "

He really did something wrong this time, and he even made such a low-level mistake.

Jasmine was shocked and asked in a hurry, "Dad, how can you admit that he is the son of Terence?"

She had already shown Hiram the paternity test report. How could things turn out like this?

As soon as Jasmine spoke, Hiram pointed at her and said, "Jasmine, tell me the truth. How did you get the paternity test? "

Even though Hiram was confused, he knew that Terence would not make fun of this matter.

Terence would never allow anyone to betray him, let alone his son.

Jasmine was shocked and said, "Dad, what's wrong? Where else can I get it from? Of course, it is from a formal institution. Did Terence say something? He is now obsessed with that foxy woman, Violet. You can't believe him. "

Hiram's words and deeds made Jasmine realize at once that it must be Terence who said something. Otherwise, Hiram would not doubt her just by the paternity test.

But fortunately, now Hiram came back himself, she still had a chance to explain.

"Nonsense! My mother is not a tramp." Noah scolded Jasmine angrily. His small figure burst out endless power, which was not to be underestimated.

Jasmine looked at Noah with murderous eyes.

No matter it was Violet or Noah, she would not let them go!

Before Jasmine could explain, a stern voice came from the door.

"Why do you call my wife 'tramp'?"

Jasmine paused and turned around, only to find that Terence had come back, and the figure following him was Violet.

Jasmine took a few steps back and finally steadied herself. She was shocked.

"Dad..." As soon as she ran over, she saw [唐薇薇] again and pounced on her.


As soon as Noah jumped into Violet's arms, he felt a little comforted.

Holding the lost child in her arms, Violet breathed a sigh of relief. She was afraid that she couldn't find Noah. She was afraid that she would never see him again.

Now that she had found him, Violet

knew, and it was her concealment.

In fact, she felt relieved when she spoke it out. She didn't know why she kept it from him. Maybe she didn't trust him, so she didn't tell him.

Violet's words shocked the Gu family. Even Jasmine couldn't help glancing at her.

It was beyond everyone's expectation that Violet had lost her memory. They had been entangled with the fact that Violet had left without saying goodbye for four years.

Grandma Gu looked at Violet and Terence up and down and questioned, "Terence, when did you know that?"

Terence was not surprised at Violet's words. With Terence's gesture, grandma Gu came to a conclusion easily.

Terence said frankly, "Recently."

If he had known it earlier, how could he allow himself to be separated from Violet for four years.

Although he had always declared that Violet went on a tour of school, deep in his heart, he was still afraid that Violet would leave without saying goodbye. And because of the testimony of Ben, his inner insistence almost disappeared.

Fortunately, the lie of Ben was exposed, or he would live in the shadow all his life.

Staring at Terence, grandma Gu said slowly, "What do you want to do?"

Time four years ago was enough to change everything. Even Violet, grandma Gu didn't believe that she had no other men outside. As for Terence, could he accept Violet?

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