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   Chapter 508 The Most Important Thing Is To Be A Person Who Keep On The Promise

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Hilda suddenly realized that what Sean had done was dangerous. The wedding was approaching, and she was most afraid of hearing any accident. Now Jasmine was so straightforward, which made her heart tremble.

"What... What do you mean?" She looked at Jasmine in confusion, with fear in her eyes.

Jasmine knew that Sean was Hilda's weakness. With just a few words, she grasped the pain of Hilda. It was a great feeling to control life and death.

She wanted to tell the truth more directly, but considering grandpa and grandma Gu, she just stared at Hilda and warned in a low voice, "What I mean is that you are not qualified to interfere in our family's affairs as an outsider."

Who the hell was Hilda? Without Sean, she had nothing to do with the Gu family.

Hilda suddenly felt a sense of anger in her chest. Before she could speak, someone else spoke for her.

"Jasmine, that's enough. Hilda is my sister-in-law. I accept her as my sister in law. If you don't want to accept her, just stay somewhere else. It's not up to you alone in the Gu family. " Maranda's aura was cold, and he returned all the warnings of Jasmine without scruple.

Hilda was stunned. She didn't expect that Maranda would talk for her at this critical moment.

Sister-in-law? How could Maranda call her sister-in-law in front of the Gu family? He did not even call her that in private.

Jasmine was also a little stunned. She looked at Maranda in disbelief and said angrily, "Maranda, are you okay? Where is Sean? You accepted her as sister-in-law now? You don't want Sean to live in peace down there, do you? "

"Shut up!" As soon as Jasmine finished her words, her grandfather's voice sounded. He was so angry that the Gu family dared not to take any action.

Even rebellious as Maranda was, he still stood there quietly.

Although grandpa Gu was always smiling and looked very nice, as if he was just an innocent old man. But whenever he got angry, it was also shocking.

Grandpa Gu rarely lost his temper, but each of those made the Gu family still have a lingering fear.

Therefore, no one dared to say anything when they saw the angry expression on Grandpa Gu's face.

ine and Noah, he was stunned.

"Why did you bring the baby here?" He couldn't find Jasmine so he came home. He didn't expect to find her here.

Seeing that Hiram came back alone, Jasmine breathed a sigh of relief. She explained, "Dad, did Terence make things difficult for you. I saw him coming aggressively and fearing that he would go crazy. The only way to make him worried was to take the child away first. " If she was still there, she was afraid that Terence would go crazy and take the child away.

If she took Noah away, she could take the opportunity to threaten Violet. Even if her secrets were exposed, the child was still raised in the Gu family, and she could escape unscathed. Jasmine had a good idea, but she still underestimated Terence.

As soon as Noah saw Hiram, he kept moving behind grandpa Gu, looking very scared.

Although he didn't say anything, everyone knew why did he do that.

Previously, Noah said that Jasmine kidnapped him, and Jasmine said she followed the order of Hiram. That was to say, Hiram kidnapped him.

Grandpa Gu was furious.

"Tell me, what happened?" In front of the younger generation, grandpa Gu still kept a little dignity for Hiram. He didn't scold Hiram. He just wanted to know the truth.

Hiram looked at his grandpa with hesitation. He looked at Noah again. Although he couldn't believe that Jasmine had lied to him, he had to believe it when he saw the same face of Noah as Terence.

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