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   Chapter 506 I Finally Have A Great Grandson

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Hearing Jasmine's words, Emily didn't ask any more. Hiram would be back soon, so she had nothing to ask.

Since the appearance of Noah, Grandma Gu had been staring at him.

The more she looked at Noah who had the same face as Terence, the cuter she felt he was. She murmured, "Emily, who is this?"

Emily was suddenly asked, and Noah in front of her was still looking at her innocently with his big eyes blinking.

But how could she introduce him?

Judging from the appearance, he did look like Terence. But in fact, he was Patrick's son.

Emily couldn't tell the truth that her son was cuckolded. When she was hesitating, Hilda said, "Who else can he be? It's my brother's son."

Seeing that Emily ignored him, he ran to Noah as he giggled.

He still remembered that Hilda, and was extraordinarily intimate to see her at this moment now.

Hilda also hugged Noah warmly. Seeing that Grandma Gu was still suspicious, she said frankly, "He is the son of brother and sister-in-law."

Hearing this, all the Gu family were stunned. Looking at Noah, grandma Gu said in a trembling voice, "The son of Terence and Violet?"

She had dreamed that they could make up. Wasn't it a dream now?

Hilda said affirmatively, "Yes, grandma, you have a great grandson."

Hilda's words touched grandma Gu. It took her a long time to react, but she still couldn't believe it.

"It's not a dream, is it?"

After all, neither Terence nor Violet told her that there was a son between them. Not only her, but also many people in the Gu family didn't know about it.

Grandfather Gu also came over. He came back to his senses from the incident of Sean's death. His grandson died, and he had a great grandson. He was sad and excited.

Hilda explained, "Of course it's not a dream. I guess brother didn't tell you because he was afraid of frightening you."

Grandma Gu was in poor health. No one could take the responsibility if she was scared.

At this moment, she also wondered why Noah would be with Jasmine? Where are Terence and Violet?

Grandma Gu was still immersed in the joy of

o something wrong, but also disgraced Terence.

Hilda was the first one who didn't believe Emily's words. She shook her head and said, "How could it be possible? Brother admitted it himself."

She had seen how Terence spoiled Noah. How could Terence make a mistake?

Emily explained, "Terence is also kept in the dark about this matter. He thought that the boy looked like him so he was his son. But the paternity test won't make you panic. "

Like grandma Gu, she used to like Noah very much. But it was useless no matter how resemble they were.

Jasmine said timely, "Yes, grandma. We have done the paternity test and found that he is not the son of Terence. He is... "

Jasmine was about to tell her the identity of his father, but Emily interrupted her, "Enough. Mom, this child... I don't know why Terence's father brought him back. Anyway, it has nothing to do with us. "

Emily just wanted the Gu family not to be entangled with the identity of Noah. As for whose son he was, she didn't care anymore.

Everyone was silent. Grandma Gu looked at Emily and then looked at Jasmine. Obviously, they knew something. Grandma Gu said in a low voice, "Jasmine, if he is not the son of Terence, then whose son is he?"

She didn't believe that Noah was the son of Terence, but she was more confident in Violet.

Even though Violet had left for four years, grandma Gu still believed her.

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