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   Chapter 504 Admit Everything

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The paternity test report could be forged, but the appearance would not change.

The first time he saw Noah, he felt very considerate. Terence had reason to believe that this was the family bond between the father and son.

It would be strange if he didn't look like his son.

Violet was still in a trance, but Hiram was infuriated.

"You, you are so obsessed."

He said angrily.

He didn't understand that Terence couldn't figure it out with the evidence in front of him.

Anyway, he believed firmly in the identification result, which was a fact and could not be argued by Terence.

Terence thought that his father was just out of his mind. Jasmine had been spoiled too much since childhood. Even so, she had never done anything out of line. That was why Hiram believed Jasmine's words. Then he had to tell Hiram that it was not what Jasmine said.

He took a look at Violet. He didn't want to say something, but he had to. Terence said frankly, "Dad, Violet went abroad after she was pregnant with our child. At that time, she was kidnapped by Smith, which had something to do with the Buddha. In order to force me to hand over the Buddha's head, the Yan family gave Violet in exchange. If it weren't for the car accident, Violet would have come back to me. "

After four years, he finally dared to face the reality and knew the truth.

In the past four years, it was not right for him to have no grudge against Violet.

Ben had told him that if Violet didn't appear at the bottom of the cliff, he would believe that Violet didn't want to come back to him.

But now he knew what he had done wrong in the past four years.

Violet wanted to come back to him. They shouldn't have done that if there hadn't been an accident.

Therefore, he was sure that Violet's love for him had never decreased. Even if she went abroad, her heart was still with him.

"What, what..." Hiram widened his eyes and looked at Violet in disbelief.

"What?" Violet was also full of doubts about Terence's words. How could she be kidnapped by the Yan family? What's more, what should she return to Terence? Didn't they have a bad rel

nce said in a low voice.

He had thought about it for a long time. His concealment was supposed to protect Jasmine, but now it seemed unnecessary.

Hiram looked at Terence in confusion.

Terence said frankly, "The real reason why Jasmine divorced was that she knew Chester Jiang."

Hiram was stunned. Chester Jiang? The name sounded familiar. As long as he thought carefully, a person appeared in his mind.

But how could it be possible that Jasmine had something to do with him?

Seeing that Hiram's face froze, Terence knew that he had thought of that person. He said firmly, "Yes, it's the 'Chester' you are thinking about."

As a member of a noble clan, everyone was familiar with the name "Chester Jiang", not only because of his identity, but also because he had been the former "crown prince". The rich resources of the Jiang clan could bring the greatest convenience to Chester.

Although the boss had abdicated, he still controlled the economic lifeline of the country. The Jiang clan was unique in the whole country.

Terence's affirmation made Hiram more confused. Although they were both in City B, the two clans had no connection. Even if they met several times, they would only discuss state affairs. Jasmine went abroad after graduation. How could Jasmine have anything to do with Chester?

"How did Jasmine know him?"

Hiram couldn't figure it out, so he simply threw the question to Terence.

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