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   Chapter 486 My Baby

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7059

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He approached Terence and whispered, "You and Violet..."

Although Violet and Terence had divorced, he didn't object to the two being together again.

On the other hand, Terence was surprised at Liam's thoughts. According to his understanding, shouldn't Liam not like him to be with Violet after he knew the secret of her identity?

Noticing the frown on Melisa's face, Terence knew what was going on there.

"We are friends now," he explained.

He could see how much Violet hated him. Even if he really wanted to be back with Violet, it was not now.

Terence's explanation made Liam a little unhappy. He still thought highly of Terence, but why did Terence look like this now?

"Dad, this swimsuit is so cool!"

As soon as Terence finished his words, the voice of Noah came over.

Terence was attracted by the voice of Noah and walked over unconsciously.

Looking at Terence and Noah standing together, Liam couldn't help smiling.

Whether it was Violet or Terence, as long as Noah was there, their relationship would not be broken up.

Liam was relieved, but Melisa's face darkened.

"Do you like it?" Terence asked, looking at Noah who was swimming happily in the water.

"Yes, I do!" he answered loudly to express his feelings of liking it.

This swimsuit was so useful. He didn't kick his leg on purpose just now, but he was still floating on the water without sinking. It was just a necessary item for home or travel.

Terence was very happy to see that Noah liked it. He pointed at the villa and asked, "Do you like the villa and everything here?"

Back then, he had chosen this place after considering Noah's hobbies. Although there was no sea in City B, there was a river. The villa was located on the Bank of the river, but because it was on the edge of the mountain, the air was not so wet.

There were all kinds of supporting facilities, and all of them were top-level. He would make sure that Noah could have a good time.

Noah didn't know that Terence had prepared so much for him, but this place seemed to be tailor-made for him, which made him diz


Violet wrote down the two word on her notebook.

She didn't notice that she saw Sheryl downstairs.

The surrounding media seemed to have something important to do.

"Miss Sheryl, what's your relationship with Mr. Kevin?"

"According to the source, you and Mr. Kevin have been in love for many years. Recently, you have seen Mr. Kevin's family. Is that true? "

"Miss Sheryl..."

"Miss Sheryl..."

The reporters downstairs swarmed over, one after another, making people dazzled.

The flashlight was dazzling even in the sunlight.

Sheryl was escorted into the company by bodyguards, but the media reporters were stopped.


Seeing that there was no more question from the reporters, Sheryl finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She rushed to the CEO's office angrily, and Kevin was smiling to welcome her back.

"My baby, you're finally back." He walked up to Sheryl with a smile. When he was about to give Sheryl a hug, he was directly dodged.

After a short pause, Kevin realized that Sheryl was angry because of the reporters downstairs, so he said, "Did those people downstairs piss you off? I'll buy their newspapers and magazines and make them unable to stay in this industry."

Now, Kevin felt that he was rich. He was now of very important role in the entertainment industry. He was not easy to deal with after fighting in the industry for so long.

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