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   Chapter 484 You Are The Only One

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"Is this Hippo Record Company?" she asked. On the way here, she saw the sign of Hippo Record.

Terence ignored her and went straight into a building nearby. After signing their names, someone specially led them into the room.

In front of outsiders, Violet didn't say anything more to save Terence's face.

But why did she feel that it was not like a house, but like a hotel?

This was the city center. Who would buy a house here? Of course, it was convenient to go to work, but the price was too high.

Of course, rich people like Terence could be excluded.

When they arrived at the door, Terence input the password and the door opened.

"Come," Terence only said one word, which made Violet feel the invisible pressure.

There was a leading man stood next to her. Violet walked in reluctantly.

The room was much colder than she had imagined. The white floor, white wallpapers, and everything was white, making the whole room a little cold.

Terence then entered the room and the door was closed. Violet secretly glanced at the back of Terence. The leading man did not enter the room.

Only then did Violet said with a sigh, "It's good to have a rich man. There are homes everywhere."

He could buy a house wherever he wanted. It was so convenient here.

Her words inadvertently triggered the most sensitive nerve of Terence. Terence said lightly, "I don't have a home."

He didn't have a wife or a son. He was the only one in the family. What kind of family was this?

The room was tainted with a sense of sadness for no reason. Violet lowered her head spinelessly. She didn't know that Terence was so fragile that he had such a deep feeling for home.

This reminded Violet of the four years she had left. She forgot Terence, but Terence didn't forget her. How did Terence live in the past four years?

Terence's sadness only lasted for a moment. He glanced at Violet, who seemed to reflect on herself, and reminded her, "Go to the dressing room to have a look?"

His invitation puzzled Violet.

"There is a surprise," he continued to explain.


, with endless darkness, which was deeply sunken.

At this moment, Violet stopped thinking. She didn't even know what she was doing.

Terence got closer and closer until he could kiss Violet as long as he lowered his head.

This time, Terence didn't hesitate, but directly covered the territory that he missed every day and night. Their lips met, and Violet was still in a daze. Terence withdrew his lips. The kiss was like a dragonfly skimming the water, but it was more and more fascinating.

Terence's voice rang in Violet's ear, "Violet, come back to me, okay?"



Violet almost agreed.

At the last moment, Patrick's figure suddenly flashed through her mind, which woke her up.

What happened just now seemed to make her have a dream. When she woke up, she only felt that it was extremely ridiculous, and even a little... Missing...

She suddenly stopped thinking and took a few steps back, keeping a distance from Terence.

Not until she couldn't smell Terence's fragrance did she feel a trace of sober in her mind. She said in a hurry, "It's time to go to bed. Where is the bedroom? Oh... " She opened the door and walked in directly.

"Bang!" She bumped into the door frame and her head hurt.

Terence felt sorry for her and wanted to check it, but Violet kicked the door frame and grumbled, "It's time to change the door."

Then she entered the room.

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