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   Chapter 483 Leave If You Don't Want To Live

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"Didn't you say that they were wandering gangsters?" Violet deliberately disgusted him with what he had said.

Since he was a wandering gangster, she ran into him by accident this time. Would she still be so unlucky in the future?

Suppressing his anger, Terence explained, "I'm worried about leaving you there, okay?"

He had no way to deal with Violet. He seemed to be wrong in everything except showing his true feelings.

Violet did not lose her temper this time. She knew that sometimes she was too malicious to Terence. But what could she do? She was furious to see Terence, especially after they had just quarreled. How could she treat Terence with a smile?

Of course, she was also grateful for Terence's appearance. In the darkness, Terence was like that light. She was afraid that Terence would leave because he couldn't find her, and she was also afraid that Terence would be hurt. Fortunately, everything was fine.

But Violet didn't want to show it.

Seeing Violet's sincere attitude and thinking that Terence's words were also true, she felt soft in her heart.

"Then my parents and Noah can't live there either," she reminded him.

Terence had already thought about it.

"The apartment is too small. I will take them to live in the villa in the middle of the mountain. The security there is fully equipped, not boring, and there is also a guarantee of safety. " Although he had some complaints about his parents, they were Violet's foster parents and treated Violet as their own child. Even for the sake of Violet, he would be kind to them.

"I want to live with them," Violet requested.

Why did she live in an apartment and her parents go to the villa? Anyway, the villa was big enough for her.

Terence had already made an excuse for this.

"Look at the wound on your neck. Do you want them to worry about you?" He didn't need to explain anything, and Violet had to give in.

Violet looked through the window at the gauze on her neck, and even herself felt creepy.

"Then what should we do?" she said helplessly.

Terence glanced at her and said firmly,

h her. When she met Terence, she seemed not to be herself.

Terence said in an indifferent tone, staring straight ahead.

"You don't want to live in this room, do you? Change a place."

He completely followed Violet's heart. Since Violet didn't want to live, he was determined to satisfy Violet.

Terence's words made Violet more and more angry. She said, "I don't even want to live anywhere as long as it is your place!"

Was it the key to the problem that she didn't want to live?

The key point was why Terence made fun of her. She was scared to death at midnight, but she came to be the hero to save the beauty.

Violet was so angry that she accidentally pulled her wound and took a deep breath.

Terence glanced at her and saw that she just pulled the wound by herself, so he said lightly, "What if it's your place?"

Her place?

Violet was confused.

Terence drove for a short time this time, and soon the car stopped at the roadside.

There was an empty parking lot around, so it was convenient to park the car.

"Where am I?" Violet could not help but ask. Why did she look so familiar?

Terence blurted out the words, "Downtown area."

Then he left alone, leaving Violet behind.

Although Violet was angry, she felt better with Terence's presence. There was no one on the street. Terence's leaving made her more scared. She ran after him regardless of her anger.

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