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   Chapter 481 People Who Lost Their Memory Knew More

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"She has committed a crime and left the country safe and sound. Let her sister take the blame. Terence, you are so kind to your old lover. " Did he think that she had lost her memory and didn't know anything?

As long as she asked something about Terence and Laura, countless people would provide testimony for her.

"She is not my old lover. I have nothing to do with her!" Terence retorted loudly.

He didn't notice how loud he was. Even if he had questioned Violet about her memory loss just now, he hadn't been so tough.

No matter how loud his voice was, it meant that he cared about her very much. To say that there was nothing between Terence and Laura, Violet totally did not believe it. She ignored Terence and warned, "You'd better keep her away from me and Noah. If she does something irrational again, I won't let her go as easily as last time."

Laura came back with obvious unwillingness. Violet didn't take it seriously at first, but when she knew the past child, she had to be alert.

Terence didn't know that Laura had come back, but since Violet said so firmly, he wouldn't refute. Of course, if Laura wanted to hurt Noah, he would teach her a lesson without Violet taking the action. To Terence's surprise, who told Violet these words?

"Who told you this?" he asked bluntly.

Didn't the person who said these words want him to make up with Violet?

When he learned that Violet had lost her memory, he was already thinking about how to tell Violet about the past. The children's matter was a pain in their hearts. If there was no progress in their relationship, he would never propose. But he didn't want to hide it from Violet. He just needed an opportunity.

But now, the so-called 'people around' actually spoke out what he valued most. It made him defenseless, powerless to fight, and also made his relationship with Violet unable to go back to the past.

The people around her...

Thinking of these words, Terence excluded them one by one.

There were very few people who knew that he and Laura used to be together, and even fewer people kne

was the only way to stop Terence from pestering her. She didn't want to be disturbed by anyone for the sake of her and her parents' life.

Who did Terence think she would believe more in the words of Melisa and Terence?

"You know about it?" Terence was full of doubts. He couldn't believe that Violet's parents had a close relationship with her in such a short time. They could even tell the truth in such a short time.

Although he didn't find out the identity of Daniel, as Violet said, Daniel had passed away a few years ago. Was Daniel really Violet's biological father?

Terence almost believed what Violet said, but at the last moment, he suddenly thought that if Daniel was the father of Violet, and her parents of the Tang family also knew that he had passed away. Then why did Melisa make that phone call?

Obviously, she didn't know these things.

Then Violet's words were full of loopholes.

"You didn't expect that a person who has lost her memory would know so much, right?" Violet didn't notice her flaw at all and was still complacent. She said firmly, "I'm not interested in my past, nor in you."

No matter what Terence said, she didn't want to explore the past.

People had to look forward. What was the meaning of Terence wanting to go back to the past?

"Violet, I..." Terence wanted to explain and let Violet understand more. But he suddenly stopped.

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