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   Chapter 480 Memory Loss Is The Root Cause

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7003

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"You know what I'm talking about!" Terence said in a low voice.

His voice was like a beast coming out of the cage, making people tremble with fear.

Violet also became formal, but she still didn't want to tell Terence the truth, so she used Noah as the best excuse.

"Because of Noah. I'm pregnant. It's inconvenient for me to come back." As a woman living abroad, she was unfamiliar with this place and pregnant. Why did she take the risk to come back?

"Why? Noah is my son." Terence didn't want to give up. His eyes darkened.

In such a forest, it was dark around. Through the light in the distance, they could vaguely see the shadows of two people. Terence's eyes were full of deep meaning, like a jungle full of danger.

Violet calmed down and reminded, "Terence, let's calm down. This is not a place to talk." If Terence really wanted to talk to her, he could go to a public place. At least, he could choose his home. In this kind of place, she always thought of the bottom of the cliff in Ukraine, which made her unable to move.

"You lost your memory," Terence said lightly.

However, it caused a great uproar in Violet's heart.

"You investigated me?" Violet said angrily.

Why did Terence investigate her? Did he qualify to investigate her?

"Why didn't you tell me?" Terence asked directly.

His eyes were full of inquiry, which made people unable to move.

"Is it necessary?" Violet sneered. Why should she tell Terence?

"Yes," Terence said firmly.

In his heart, Violet was his woman, so she should tell him everything.

If he knew that she had lost her memory, he would not divorce her and would take care of her more.

Seeing that Terence must know the reason, Violet said bluntly, "You also said that I lost my memory. I don't even know who you are. Why should I tell you such a private thing?"

She had forgotten everything, including her parents. Why did she tell Terence about it?

In her heart, Terence was a stranger, and Patrick was her family.

Even without Patrick, Terence was definitely not the one in her heart.


"Child..." Terence was shocked. He did not expect that Violet would know that painful memory he could never forget.

That was his eternal pain, and also a nightmare that he could not forget.

Seeing that Terence's eyes darkened, Violet added, "Even if we have Noah, it can't cover up your past."

Perhaps it was a unique telepathy between mother and son. When Violet knew that she had a child, her heart softened. She also clearly understood that Noah was different from that child. She wanted to give her mother's love, but it all disappeared.

"No, I don't want to." Terence shook his head. He had the same thought as Violet. If possible, he could do anything.

Violet ignored Terence's words, because in her opinion, these were all excuses made by Terence. He didn't want to, but he could punish others. Did he do it?

Violet debunked him, "You don't want to, but it's because of you. Do you still remember Laura? "

Terence's eyes suddenly became cold and fierce, but Violet didn't care. She said indifferently, "She's back and she doesn't plan to leave." Since she saw Laura in the Bai family, she knew that they were not meant to be calm.

But their child was innocent, why did she had to do it to her child? How could he be regarded as a thorn in the flesh? The more Violet thought about it, the angrier she became. At last, she didn't think before she said anything.

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