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   Chapter 478 Don't Come Up. I'll Go Down

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In Norway.

It was Norway again.

Terence didn't know if it was a coincidence. Violet had lived in Norway for four years, and her origin was also from Norway.

Terence was eager to know what had happened in the past four years.

At night, he drove through the city. In the blink of an eye, his car had disappeared.

Terence drove up the mountain along the path. When he reached the hillside, a bright light suddenly appeared. In the middle stood a villa, surrounded by vigilance.



Seeing Terence, the guards around the villa all greeted him. Terence nodded and went straight to the study.

This was [顾川]'s Secret territory, and even [安秘书] didn't know it.

"Boss, Ben was here."

A man came to report. Terence gestured for Ben to come in.

Wearing a casual suit, Ben came in. He didn't change much. His figure was just right, neither fat nor thin. But the mask he had been wearing made him look more mysterious.

Terence was really curious about Violet's life in the past four years, so he sent Ben to Norway to investigate. It had been a long time before Ben came back.

"Boss, Violet might have given birth to a son for you." he said.

This matter shocked him greatly. Back then, he didn't kill Violet because of the boy who looked like Terence. Now it was proved that he was most likely to be the son of Terence, which surprised and pleased him.

On the one hand, it was really happy that Terence had his own descendants. But on the one hand, Violet couldn't stay any longer.

Both Terence and his young master depended too much on Violet. Especially the young master, who grew up with Violet, must have a deep relationship.

But as the son of Terence, he couldn't have any feelings.

Benalso believe that with the presence of young master, the impact of Violet's death will be much reduced in Terence's heart.

"It's not a possibility, but an affirmation," Terence corrected him with an unhappy face.

He had already known it in China, and there was a paternity test report. If this was all he could do, he wouldn't have let

The car drove all the way to the downstairs of the Tang family. A quarter of an hour had just passed.

Violet was coaxing Noah to sleep. Not long after he fell asleep, Terence called.

She didn't want to answer it, but somehow she pressed the answer button.

"Come down."

Terence's voice was cold and clear.

"What are you doing?" Violet was unmoved. She ran to the kitchen and sighed when she saw the car parking downstairs.

"Okay, I'll go upstairs." Terence didn't explain but took action.

Seeing him open the door, Violet hurriedly said, "Don't come up. I'll go down."

She was completely helpless with Terence. If she asked Terence to come up, would they need to sleep?

Violet tiptoed out of the house. The night was dim, which made Violet a little absent-minded.

It seemed that she had experienced such a scene before. Terence was waiting for her downstairs...

Violet's mind began to spin uncontrollably, as if in addition to these, they had a lot of memories.

She couldn't imagine what they had experienced, but that feeling couldn't be erased. It was beautiful, strange, full of expectation and hope, making people not want to give up chasing.

Violet finally began to believe that she had a good memory with Terence, but she forgot it.

As soon as she opened the door, Violet smelled the cigarette in the car. She frowned and rolled down the window.

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