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   Chapter 477 Keep Her Reason

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He decided to forgive what Patrick said before, because except for those words, Patrick liked him from every aspect.

After sitting down, Noah stared at the big meal in front of him and began to eat as if he had never eaten anything.

As soon as Violet sat down, the waiter put a plate of shrimp on the table.

Violet looked at Patrick in confusion.

"I still remember it is your favorite dishes,"

Patrick seemed to have noticed the jealousy of Violet and said in a gentle voice.

Violet's heart softened. Patrick was always so gentle that she could never be mad at him at any time.

"Thank you." Violet's heart was touched. She picked up a shrimp and put it into her mouth. The tender feeling made her put down all her vigilance.

She had an impulse to go back to Norway with Patrick.

But her reason told her that she couldn't do that.

But actually, why couldn't she?

She had lost her memory. She had no idea what had happened four years ago. Since Patrick didn't care about her past with Terence, what was she struggling about?

The only consideration was Noah. But Noah had four years with Patrick. Didn't he like Patrick more than Terence?

But she couldn't.

No matter how many reasons Violet had thought, there were only two words for her to be rational, No way.

Patrick didn't have any more expectations. He wouldn't force Violet to do anything she didn't want.

"At home, you must tell me if you have anything. Don't bear it on your own, and don't talk to irrelevant people," Patrick said in a worried tone. He forced a smile and looked at Violet with reluctance.

Violet nodded and said, "I know."

Except for this, she didn't know how to respond to Patrick.

No matter what Patrick had done, Patrick always helped her a lot.

Patrick didn't take advantage of her. In the past four years, although they looked like a couple, their lives were more like brother and sister. Only Violet knew how much Patrick loved her. If Patrick wanted to take advantage of her, he could do whatever he wanted before he told her the truth. Anyway


Terence sat in his office, with a thick stack of documents in front of him, but he had no time to think about it. His eyes flashed, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang. After he answered the phone, there was only a message from the other end of the line, "Boss, the fish is out of the cage."

In the Tang family.

After breakfast, Melisa went out in the name of shopping with her friends.

She didn't go to see anyone, but carefully came to a phone booth far away from home.

She looked around and made sure that no one was watching her, then she dialed the number.

The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered.

Melisa called again, but still the same. She was suspicious, but stopped. Then she went shopping as if nothing had happened.

Terence soon got the phone number that Melisa had dialed. It looked ordinary, but it concealed the mystery of Violet's identity.

Although Terence didn't ask anything from Melisa, it made Melisa nervous.

What Melisa didn't know was that someone was following her when she went out, and her action was caught by Terence in an instant.

Through the phone number, Terence quickly found the direction. According to the investigation, this phone number belonged to a small town in Norway. The account was opened thirty years ago, and the account owner was a person named Daniel.

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