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   Chapter 476 Patrick's Lie

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"Good girl." She patted the back of Violet's hand and looked relieved.

Violet took Noah to the restaurant where she made an appointment with Patrick. On the way, Noah looked a little depressed. When they were about to arrive at the restaurant, he suddenly said, "Mom, are we going to see dad?"

His mother only said that she would take him to see one person, but she didn't tell him who she would meet. The only other person other than Terence he could see in City B was that guy, but he only wanted to see Terence.

The reason why Violet didn't tell Noah who she wanted to see was that she was afraid that Noah wouldn't come. Now the restaurant was right in front of her, so she had to say.

"Yes, but it is father Patrick."

She deliberately distinguished Patrick from Terence. Melisa's words greatly shocked her, but there was also many loopholes. Since she couldn't change anything, she had to try her best.

For Patrick, even if they couldn't be a couple, they were still good friends. And Noah shouldn't have any enmity with Patrick.

Noah pouted and sighed deeply. He looked very tired at such a young age.

"Unhappy?" Violet asked.

Since hearing Patrick's 'secret, Noah kept a distance from him. At home, this distance seemed to become disgusting.

Hearing Violet's question, Noah shook his head and said, "No. I just don't know how to face him. "

Patrick was nice to him, but also not good to him.

Violet squatted down and said, "Father Patrick is leaving tomorrow. I don't know when we will meet next time. He likes you very much. You just need to treat him as before. "

In Patrick's heart, he had already treated Noah as his son. Just like her and Liam, although they were not related by blood, they had deep feelings.

Noah said awkwardly, "He doesn't like it. He wants to send me away."

He had heard all these with his own ears.

Violet reminded him, "Noah, do you know what father Patrick's feelings towards you?"

Patrick had done something that she couldn't even achieve. These things were indelible, and N

o Patrick.

All of a sudden, Noah realized that there were some things that didn't conflict. As long as he could mediate the conflict, he could have more.

He was willing to believe his mother's words, and Patrick had his own difficulties. Apart from that, he really liked Patrick.

His words made Patrick wanted to cry with joy. Nothing could compete with Noah' promise.

At least he knew that Noah had him in his heart. His love for him in the past four years was not in vain.

He held back his tears and said, "Does our Noah want to be a pilot?" He thought that Noah liked swimming and planned to develop him in this way.

In fact, this ideal was just acquired by Noah.

While he was waiting for the plane, he wondered how wonderful it would be if he had a plane like his grandfather. In this way, he didn't need to wait any longer.

But then he thought it would be in vain if he didn't fly a plane. He wanted to have his own plane, and he was the pilot.

"Yes, then I can go wherever I want to go." There was still a trace of childishness in Noah' tone, but his firm words could not make people doubt the authenticity of this sentence.

Patrick was deeply touched. At this moment, he touched his head and said with relief, "Okay, I'll wait for you to fly to me."

"Pinkie." Noah stretched out his little finger and held it tightly with Patrick's.

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