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   Chapter 475 Only When We Raise Our Children Can We Know Our Parents' Kindness

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7100

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Violet suddenly realized that sometimes being a fool was much happier than being a smart person.

But would she be a fool or a smart person?

She thought it might be the latter.

Melisa explained, "What happened in the past has affected you a lot. Since you have decided to live back, there are some people and things that you have to experience sooner or later. I don't want you to know nothing and be used. "

This was also Melisa's helplessness. Many things were not up to her. Of course, she also doubted how Terence knew these things, but compared with this, she couldn't let Terence find a breakthrough from her.

In this life, she had firmly recognized that Violet was her daughter. She didn't allow anyone to destroy it.

Bing used?

Violet found a sensitive word from Melisa's words and was stunned.

"Mom, is there anything wrong?" she asked doubtfully.

How could Melisa say that if nothing had happened?

Now it seemed that something she didn't know was affecting her life. Melisa didn't want her to be used, so she told her the truth.

Melisa sighed. She had to say it now.

"Violet, there is one more thing you should know." Melisa's tone made Violet nervous. She had been back for a long time, but Melisa didn't say anything. Now that she said it, it showed the importance of this matter.

Violet suddenly felt a little nervous. She didn't know what Melisa was going to say, but it was obviously about her.

Violet's amnesia was both a good thing and a bad thing for Melisa.

Because she could hide something. If it weren't for Terence, she could have done that.

After hesitating for a long time, Melisa said, "Your father is not your biological father. Your father passed away many years ago, so I married him. "

She decided to tell Violet what she had known first step by step. If Terence said something, Violet could find a way to fight back.

"What?" Violet was shocked. Wasn't her father her biological father?

Melisa explained, "You knew it before you lost your memory. Over the years, your father has taken care of you as his own child. You can't for

Violet had also thought about it.

It was the best result for Melisa that they didn't meet or contact each other.

Seeing that Melisa didn't want to say anything more, Violet stopped forcing her.

Judging from Melisa's words, her biological father must not be easy to get along with. Since he was dead, she didn't want to explore too much. Anyway, since her childhood, her father was only Liam.

No matter what the purpose of Terence was, her will could not be changed.

Violet said in a low voice, "Mom, don't worry. No matter what happens, I will never abandon you and dad."

It was not until she raised her son that she realized how difficult it was for a child to grow up. According to the information that Patrick gave her, Liam treated her as his own daughter. She didn't dare to forget that when she was sick and Liam carried her to the hospital in the middle of night.

No matter what happened, Liam was her father and she would choose to forgive him.

Melisa was excited and nervous, but she couldn't say anything more.

Because she knew that Liam really meant well for her.

Melisa knew Violet's intention. Long before Violet lost her memory, she had expressed her feelings and gratitude to Liam.

While she was gratified, she was a little jealous.

Liam's identity had shown that Violet had chosen to tolerate him. If her identity was confirmed, what would Violet do to her?

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