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   Chapter 474 The Lost Memory

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Seeing that Violet didn't have any reaction when she heard about Terence's arrival, Melisa cautiously said, "Violet, what's your feeling for Terence now? Will you still be together? " In the past, she had been looking forward to seeing her daughter with Terence. But since she knew that Terence was investigating the background of Violet, Melisa was more wary of Terence. How could she let Terence and Violet be together again?

What if Violet knew her real identity?

Melisa's question made Violet a little helpless. She explained, "I don't know. After all, he is the father of Noah. How can I refuse him to meet him?"

If there was no Noah, she would be fine. But now she had Noah, and Noah liked Terence so much. She couldn't deprive a child of his love for his father.

Melisa paused and said slowly, "Is he really the father of Noah?"

Although she heard Noah call Terence 'father', it was not confirmed. Melisa had a guess, but also suspected. But now, even Violet admitted that it had become complicated.

Violet hesitated for a moment and said frankly, "I suppose so."

Only in front of Melisa could she be honest about many things she was not sure of.

"How can you say 'should'?" Melisa was a little dissatisfied. There was no doubt about the relationship between the father and son. Once they were suspicious, the relationship would crack. It would be too late to repair it in the future.

Violet also knew how ridiculous it was, so she explained, "Mom, you also know that I have lost my memory. Now all the evidence shows that Noah is the son of Terence. I have to believe him. "

Judging from her appearance, time, and even Patrick's notice, everything was on the surface that the relationship between her and Terence was not simple. And she had no other man in the country, so Noah was most likely to be the son of Terence.

Of course, she didn't want that to happen, or she wouldn't refuse to get the confirmation.

Melisa understood that Noah looked so much like his father, which would make people doubt him. But was it too hasty?

"Didn't yo

Terence. She felt strange that when she saw Laura in the Bai family, Laura seemed to be hostile to her.

Pitifully, she was just a pet that was casually stroked by others, but mistakenly thought that she was the real owner.

This was a fatal blow to Violet. Fortunately, she hadn't invested too much into this relationship. As for the Bai family, she only felt cold all over.

"Baby, what's wrong with you?" Noticing the abnormality of Violet, Melisa was worried.

She knew that Violet must have thought of something according to her words.

That was exactly what she wanted to see.

She had to make Violet dislike Terence, so that Terence wouldn't destroy her family.

Violet shook her head and regained her composure. She said with grievance, "Mom, why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

If she had known this earlier, how could she go back to the Bai family and be a sworn granddaughter.

She just wanted to have nothing to do with the Bai family and didn't want to cause any trouble.

Melisa sighed, "Well, you said you lost your memory. How could I have bear to tell you this?"

If it was not that she had no choice, how could Melisa bear to let Violet suffer again? Those things had passed. Melisa didn't want Violet to be sad again.

"Then why do you tell me now?" Violet doubted that since Melisa didn't want her to be sad, why did she tell her this now?

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