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   Chapter 473 The 'She' Who Standing Behind Him

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If there were formalities, he would find more.

"Yes," Liam said firmly.

"Where are they?" Terence stared at Liam anxiously. He had looked for him for a long time, but there was no progress. Was he finally going to break through today?

Terence was both excited and nervous. Liam was pleased with himself.

"They are at..." His index finger drew a circle in the air, and his tone was long. At last, his words and fingers fell behind Terence.

"At her place."

After saying that, Liam burped and his head fell straight on the table.

Embarrassed, Terence turned around and called, "Mom."

He didn't know when Melisa appeared. The door of the bedroom was closed and Noah was probably asleep. He was so nervous that he didn't even notice Melisa.

There was no change in Melisa's face. She glanced at Liam and said indifferently, "Your father is drunk. Help me take him into the house."

"Okay." [顾川] didn't dare to disobey. He hurriedly helped Liam up and settled him down.

After settling down Liam, Terence hesitated.

He didn't know if Melisa had heard the conversation between him and Liam, and Liam had pointed out that the information of adopting Violet was in Melisa's hands. Even if Melisa didn't hear the conversation just now, he had to ask about Melisa.

"Do you want to lie in the room for a while?" Melisa said with a worried look.

It was rare for Liam to have a good drink, and Terence must have suffered a lot with him.

Terence waved his hand and said casually, "Mom, I don't drink much. I'm fine."

He just didn't want to have a rest, but it alerted Melisa.

"Are you here to get your father drunk your today?" Melisa's eyes were unfriendly, as if she was enduring something.

Terence was shocked. He knew that Melisa had heard what he said just now. So he said directly, "Mom, I need your help."

"I can't help you." Before Terence said what it was, Melisa directly refused.

She looked cold and seemed to be about to ask him out.

Terence didn't take it seriously at first. Now hearing what Melisa said, he was sure of his guess.

e him feel powerless in the bottom of his heart.

When Violet came back home, she was shocked when she heard that Terence had come.

Did Terence come to see her only because he had solved his family's problems?

Violet was confused.

"Well, he get your father drunk, and then he left as if nothing had happened."

Melisa complained. She was no longer the one who praised Terence as she used to be.

She carefully observed Violet's reaction.

Violet frowned. Since Liam was hospitalized, the doctor told him not to drink too much, and it was best not to drink. Terence's behavior was really disgusting.

"Did he say anything?" Violet asked suspiciously.

Since Terence neither called her nor came to see her, why did he come here?

"I think he is here to see Noah." Melisa gave Terence a good reason to come here.

There was nothing wrong with the father seeing his son.

"Okay, I know." Violet nodded. Her expression didn't change, but her heart was as cold as ice.

It seemed that Terence didn't understand what she meant.

Or maybe he finally understood and couldn't wait to attack her.

Although not all of his family members were as unfriendly as Jasmine, they were also unfriendly to her and Noah. If Terence came to see Noah, he would be known by the Gu family sooner or later. Did he want them to be exposed to the public and accept the attack of others?

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