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   Chapter 472 Brothers All Over The World

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Violet was shocked by Bruce's sudden appearance. She patted her chest and said, "I'm going to eat. Bruce, are you going to squeeze me like this? "

She stayed in the room for the whole morning. All her lyrics were denied by Bruce. She had no confidence to write another one.

She was in a good mood just now, but she hadn't eaten anything at noon. She couldn't be starved.

Bruce glanced at his watch and suddenly realized that it was off duty time.

It was also his fault that he was so anxious to look for Violet everywhere that he forgot the time. He wondered why there was no one in the office.

However, Violet could have lunch, but he just saw Violet and Patrick together. If the two of them had lunch together, he would lose more than gain. So, Bruce said in a hurry, "No, No. Of course you need to eat. But I'm going to upload this song soon. If you can't change it today, I can't explain it to my boss. " "What do you want to eat? Whatever you want to eat, be it a feast of delicacies or a full banquet, I'll buy it for you. "

His attitude was sincere and he said it seriously, making Violet look like a big shot, which made her could not help but smile bitterly.

Noticing that Violet hesitated, Bruce quickly put on a flattering face, put his palms together and begged for mercy, "Please, have mercy on me."

If Violet had anything to do with Patrick, he would suffer a lot.

Bruce's attitude was too sincere, and he looked pitiful, which made Violet not bear to leave like that. She sighed, "Forget it. I'll finish it before eating."

Then she entered the room.

Bruce opened the door carefully and felt a little relieved when he saw Violet writing with a pen.

In the Tang family.

Today, Liam made a full table of dishes by himself, together with the food materials brought by Terence. Bowen ate so happy with a table full of delicious food. When he was full, he took a nap with Melisa, while Terence and Liam drank together.

Liam liked drinking a little. It was rare for him to be accompanied by Terence, so Liam was happy.

"Terence, although you have divorced Violet, I think highly of you. I don't want to leave you. If we don't see each other aga

acted like a big brother.

With the words of Liam, Terence said frankly, "How did Violet be adopted by the Tang family?"

This was something he had never found out. If Violet was adopted, why couldn't he find out the adoption record? Except for the hidden evidence from Kari, there was no evidence showing that Violet was not a child of the Tang family.

Liam was a little stunned and said in a drunken tone, "What? How do you know about it? " He looked suspiciously at Terence and became vigilant.

Terence was not afraid, but tentatively said, "Because you say that last time."

Now that Liam was drunk, how could he not ask more questions at this time.

"Did I say that?" Liam was also confused and couldn't make up his mind.

"Yes." Terence nodded heavily to show that he was right.

Liam scratched his hair and said unhappily, "How can I say that?"

When Terence was about to ask more, Liam whispered in his ear, "Let me tell you, Violet is not my biological daughter. In fact, I don't know who her biological parents are. It was my wife who brought her back. For so many years, I have treated her as my own daughter, and our family has treated her well. " The more Liam said, the more excited he became. He pulled up Terence's collar, as if he was going to fight.

"Yes, I know, I know." Terence comforted Liam in a hurry. Seeing that Liam was not so excited, he continued to ask, "Had you gone through any adoption procedures back then?"

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