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   Chapter 471 She Was Muddled-Headed In Her Two Marriages

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Violet said indifferently, "You are well-informed."

What Jasmine did to her happened in the private room. Except for the hotel manager, only a few people knew about it. Violet was surprised that Patrick knew about it. His power scope surprised her.

Patrick looked at Violet gently. There were a lot of words in his heart, but he couldn't say them. He hesitated for a while and finally said, "Violet... You always have a place besides me. "

If Terence didn't like Violet, so he could totally accept her and welcome her back. He didn't care about anything as long as Violet was willing to come back to him.

Violet saw seriousness in Patrick's eyes. She knew that if she agreed to go back to Norway with Patrick, Patrick would try his best to protect them.

However, her heart wavered.

Because of the past memory, because of the people around her, because of the tremble of the heart.

She was no longer the Violet who only had Patrick in her heart. Many people had appeared in her life. She couldn't just care about herself. She needed to care more.

Patrick didn't do anything wrong. She had to shoulder more responsibility.

Looking into Patrick's eyes, Violet smiled and said frankly, "I have experienced two marriage, and I was muddled-headed in them. The third time, I don't want to be muddled again."

She married Terence in one, and played the role of husband and wife with Patrick in another.

She had been like an outsider for two times. Although she was involved, she had no idea of many things.

She left Patrick not because of Terence, but because she wanted to find the direction of her heart.

Patrick nodded with a bitter smile. Neither he nor Terence would be the winner. He wondered who would marry Violet next?

The two of them smiled at each other and kept the bitterness in their hearts.

Patrick suddenly explained, "You don't have to pay attention to what Jasmine said. She won't say it again."

"Have you looked for Jasmine?" Violet was stunned. With Jasmine's madness, she was afraid that Patrick wouldn't get any upper hand.

Patrick shook his head and said meaningfully, "Compared with Jasmine, of course we should find someone who can discipline

n?" As soon as Bruce saw Violet, he rushed up to her. Even in the air-conditioned room, he was still sweating. It seemed that he had been looking for Violet for a long time.

"Mr. Yan." Suddenly, he saw Patrick and immediately became respectful.

Patrick nodded and said to Violet, "Tell me when it's over."

"Okay." Violet agreed.

There was an invisible tacit understanding between the two people, making Bruce unable to interfere.

Seeing Patrick's back disappear, he turned around and asked carefully, "You were with Mr. Yan just now?"

He had searched every three floors of the office, but still couldn't find Violet.

However, he saw that Violet and Patrick seemed to come down from the top floor?

There was nothing on the top floor. Besides, there were only two of them. How could they go down there?

Bruce's eyes were full of inquiry. Violet patted him on the shoulder with a smile and said in a relaxed tone, "Bruce, you are becoming more and more gossipy."

Then she walked away without looking back.

Looking at the back of Violet, Bruce was very anxious. He was not gossiping. He was afraid of being fired.

He had been following Violet all the time. He didn't feel relieved until he saw Violet enter the office. But he immediately took out his phone and wrote a message, "Rose is safe. Patrick is here."

Violet just turned around and walked out of the office.

"My lady, where are you going?" Bruce rushed up and said anxiously.

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