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   Chapter 470 Committed Suicide By Jumping Off From A Building

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The second day, Terence came to the Tang family with gifts.

Violet was not in the Tang family because of some business in the company.

"Terence, why are you here? Violet just left. She said she had something to deal with in the record company. Let me call her." Seeing Terence, Melisa comforted him. She welcomed Terence into the room and asked Violet to come back.

Although Terence had divorced Violet, in Melisa's eyes, Terence was still her son-in-law and Violet's husband.

"Dad!" As soon as Noah heard the voice, he ran out of the room and directly hung it on Terence. His words were full of joy.

Melisa's face froze. Although she also thought that the child was Terence's, she hadn't been confirmed by Violet. Now hearing that Noah called father, Melisa wanted to cry.

"Hey, son." Terence held up Noah and kissed him hard on the face.

It was different to have a child. He hadn't seen her for only one day, but he was missing him so much.

When Terence was having fun with Noah, he didn't forget to tell Melisa his purpose of coming here.

"Mom, I'm here to see you and dad. Violet is busy with her work. Please don't look for her. "

Why was Violet busy?

Wasn't it because he had arranged Bruce to look for her?

He came here today to investigate Violet's background. How could he let her stay at home.

However, these could not be said.

"Okay." Melisa just came back to her senses by Noah' call and hurriedly hung up the phone.

"Terence, aren't you busy now?" When Liam saw Terence, his face was also full of smile.

Although Violet and Terence had divorced. But Liam also knew that it had nothing to do with Terence. In fact, Violet had to take the first responsibility.

But Violet had lost her memory, which made Liam helpless.

Terence had a close relationship with the parents of the Tang family, because they had known each other for many years, and because of Violet.

"I'm fine. With the help of my men, I'll be free," Terence replied while playing with Noah.

Hiram held the teapot in his hand and taught, "Your people are capable, but as the president, you have to know everything."

Although he didn't t

can I commit suicide?"

Not to mention that she had no reason, even if she had a reason, for the sake of Noah, she would not choose to commit suicide.

Patrick seemed to be convinced. He slowly let go of Violet, but he still stood at the edge, as if he was afraid that Violet would rush out of the barrier and jump downstairs.

Shaking her head repeatedly, Violet stood up and dusted herself, "Why are you here?"

She didn't see Patrick when she came. Why did he appear from behind in a flash?

Seeing that Violet didn't seem to commit suicide, Patrick let go of her guard and said unnaturally, "I saw you go up to the roof."

When he heard the Secretary say that Violet had come to the top floor, he chased her directly.

It seemed that he was ridiculous. He had made it clear to Violet, and he had made all preparations for letting Violet return. However, when Violet really chose to break up with him, he still found it difficult to let her go.

But no matter how hard it was for him to let her go, he had to.

When he saw Violet today, he caught up with her without hesitation. He couldn't control himself when facing Violet.

Violet remained silent. Patrick, the most important man in her life, had become dispensable now.

She was not in a good mood, but she had to make this choice.

"I heard that Jasmine embarrassed you in the restaurant," Patrick suddenly said.

His words were not a question, but an affirmation.

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