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   Chapter 469 Grew Up Overnight

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7187

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"If it's because of Hilda, I won't let her go, okay?" Maranda said something against his will, not daring to provoke Terence at all.

Terence's eyes were fixed on the front. There was no car running on the empty road, which made the atmosphere more weird.

Maranda really wanted to drive away now, but he was afraid that Terence would get even with him later, so he had to take action step by step. Anyway, Terence would not beat him to death.

"Hilda won't leave." Without looking at Maranda, Terence fixed his eyes on the distance.

Maranda hadn't realized the importance of the matter yet. He thought that Terence was going to have a heart to heart talk with him, so he said in a low voice, "She is going to get married. It's not a good thing for her to live in our house all the time."

Hilda couldn't get married from Gu family.

Although she didn't have any relatives in City B, Sean had a house here. Hilda hadn't married into the Gu family yet. How could she stay in the old house of the Gu

family all the time?

Of course, it was not that Hilda didn't want to leave, but Terence did not allow her to leave. Terence didn't allow Hilda to leave.

That was why Maranda came to Terence.

He wondered if Terence had deliberately arranged such a young woman to mess up his life.

With a slightly cold expression on his face, Terence pressed his head against the steering wheel and said in a painful tone, "The wedding... It won't be held. " What's the point of the wedding without the groom?

"Sean dumped her?" Maranda continued. He chuckled to himself.

But Terence's attitude told him that it was not that simple.

What's more, why did Sean dump Hilda? It was more possible that Hilda dumped Sean.

Maranda suddenly covered his heart and said in an uneasy voice, "Something happened to Sean?"

When he said this, his hair stood up all over his body.

Only when Sean's head was broken by a bow did he have such a special feeling.

But now...

Terence raised his head, his eyes full of coldness. He stared at Maranda and said, "Aren't you twins? Why don't you feel anything about it?"

His tone w

ead. He couldn't let his family get hurt again.

For a moment, Maranda seemed to have grown up a lot. He looked at the road ahead and said lightly, "Let's go home."

The car sped on the road, but Maranda's heart was unprecedentedly calm. Sean left home at a young age, and they couldn't see him in several years. But at this moment, Maranda's mind was full of the figure of Sean.

As twins, they could feel each other's love.

But from now on, he couldn't feel it anymore.

Maranda went back home and entered his room.

He remained silent in the face of Hilda's ridicule.

"What's wrong with him?"

Hilda couldn't help but look at Terence who entered the room later. She believed that she knew well about Maranda's temper. Now that he behaved abnormally, was there anything wrong?

Seeing the inquiring eyes of Hilda, Terence was in a trance and said casually, "He drank too much."

Then he kept silent.

Then he entered the room as well.

With a cup of coffee in her hand, Hilda silently watched the two men walk into their rooms, speechless.

She went back to her room, took out her phone and sent a message to Sean, I'm fine in Gu family, but I miss you.

The message she sent did not received any reply. In the room, Terence held Sean's phone and looked at the message sent by Hilda. He felt sad.

Only when he was alone could he feel the pain.

For Hilda, missing was just the beginning.

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