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   Chapter 468 Seek His Own Destruction

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6938

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Maranda and Anthony looked at each other. It seemed that Terence really fell in love with Violet. He even considered such a thing for her.

What was the proposal of keeping the son and sending the mother away?

There was only one choice for Terence, that was keeping both.

Otherwise, no one knew what Terence would look like.

"Maranda, can you see it? Our Terence is a great sage of love. " Anthony teased.

He didn't know that Terence was so affectionate?

Maranda nodded and said, "Well, he is really a great sage of love. He has fallen into the hands of Violet all his life."

Maranda didn't find that Violet was so charming that she made Terence fall into such a situation.

Everyone could fall in love with anyone simply, but if he really put himself in her shoes or even sacrifice his own interests, that was true love.

Maranda saw the shadow of true love from Terence, but unfortunately, he didn't know what Violet was thinking.

"It's good to have a person who is willing to fall into it." Anthony suddenly felt a little depressed.

People like them were Playboys in the eyes of outsiders, but no one believed in love more than them.

They longed for love, and more simply wanted to get the purest true love in the world.

The road was full of thorns. When she thought of arriving at the other shore, except for their wounds, who would wait on the other side?

"What's wrong with you?" Anthony's sudden exclamation amused Maranda.

Terence was for Violet, he was for Hilda, and Anthony was for Joyce.

The three of them finally fell into the hands of a woman.

After a moment's silence, Anthony suddenly said, "Terence, did Michiko think that Violet was her daughter at the beginning?"

His expression lit up, as if he had solved the problem that had been buried in his heart for many years.

Both Terence and Maranda looked at him. Anthony continued, "Why does she think so? Since Violet had parents, there wouldn't be such a big mistake in the news of the Purified Company. If it weren't for my father's tricks, J

zed, Anthony continued, "When they adopted Violet, they must have known something."

He did this not only to help Terence, but also to help Violet.

In order to hide Joyce's identity, his father used Violet as a shield.

In that case, it was very likely that Violet was used by her father, so she left her biological parents. Violet was lucky to meet the Tang parents, but if it was given a chance, it might be able to redeem Kari's crime.

Anthony's father had done a lot of wrong things in his life. Although he couldn't bear it, he still wanted to atone for his father.

If he could find Violet's biological parents, he would feel much better.

Terence was lost in thought. He had been wandering around to look for traces, but he had forgotten the parents of the Tang family.

They had adopted Violet, so they must know something.

"Brother, when will Hilda leave?" Maranda couldn't help asking on their way home.

He was almost annoyed by Hilda. Now in order to avoid Hilda, he seldom went home.

Terence sighed and stopped the car by the road.

"What are you doing?" Maranda crossed his arms over his head, fearing that Terence would beat him.

Now he hated himself in his heart. How could he not act carefully after observing the situation? Terence was in a bad mood because of Violet. How dare he seek his own destruction by asking such question?

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