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   Chapter 430 Let's Went Out To Have A Talk

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"Uncle, aunt, I come here to visit you two. I know you two know a lot unknown about me. But I will be good to Violet and Noah. Please rest assured. "

His posture was formal and his attitude was upright. The powerful momentum that he had become was not to be underestimated.

The parents of the Tang family looked at each other, but said nothing.

"Breakfast is ready. Let's eat first." Melisa tried to break through with breakfast, and Liam also said, "I'm going to check if Noah has woken up. He slept very late last night."

The Tang family's parents found their own reasons to leave. This was never the way the Tang family treated guests.

Although Patrick was powerful, in the eyes of the parents of the Tang family, their daughter was the most important. Violet, who had lost her memory, might think Patrick was a good girl, but as a person who had experienced this, they clearly saw the hidden tenderness of Patrick.

Even if Violet would not be with Terence, she would never choose to be with Patrick.

Patrick, the variables are too big.

"Don't worry." Violet smiled at Patrick and to comfort him.

Patrick nodded and smiled back. He had expected the attitude of his parents. As long as Violet chose to be with him, he had nothing to worry about.

In the bedroom, Noah woke up early in the morning. When he heard the sound of Patrick coming, he felt depressed. He had been hiding for so long, but he still couldn't escape?

When Liam entered the room, Noah had already climbed into the bed. He wrapped himself in the quilt, only showing his two little eyes, and looked at Liam aggrievedly.

"Little guy, what's wrong?" Liam had just met Patrick and didn't know him well. Seeing this scene, he couldn't help but ask.

He wondered if Noah was not feeling well. Otherwise, why did he do this?

In Liam's heart, since Noah grew up in front of Patrick, he must have a good relationship with him. Liam didn't expect that Patrick and Noah would still be on guard.

"Are you getting up?" Noah shook his head and bit his lower lip with reluctance.

His behavior just solved

ad, he's not the only one. There are still many people taking care of him at home. I trust him too much this time. I didn't expect him to come. "

The security of the farm was first-class. She also wondered why Noah escaped from the farm so smoothly. But this time, it was not that simple to Noah to leave again.

Liam was indignant. If it weren't for Patrick's presence, he would have expressed his opinion. But now he could only say with dissatisfaction.

"Kids know how to treat others. What if Noah don't want to go back?"

He knew that Violet had relied on Patrick for all these years. But now she was back, and her family was her support. As for Patrick... Anyway, he didn't like him at all.

Violet sighed at Liam's repeated dissatisfaction and reminded him.

"Dad, you know the Gu family. What if they want to snatch Noah? "

All the messages indicated that Noah was the son of Terence. Terence hadn't noticed it yet. If he had noticed it, where would she go with Noah?

Liam also understood this, but he still couldn't let go of Patrick.

"Mr. Patrick, let's go out and have a talk." Not called "Mr. Patrick", Liam still maintained a kind of alienation and politeness to him.

"Dad, what can't you say in front of me?" Violet was not happy for a moment. She knew clearly what Liam wanted to say to Patrick, but there were some things that her thoughts were also very important.

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