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   Chapter 411 I'm Bowen Gu

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The child looked the same as Terence. But now Terence came back with a child. Was he the child the child of Terence?

"Terence, your mother was talking about you just now. Why did you..."

Hiram followed the voice and stopped when he saw Bowen.

He had the same thought as Emily. Surprise and a little disbelief were mixed with some excitement.

Seeing that his parents had thought about it, Terence said, "This is my son, Bowen Gu."

Then he said to Bowen, "Bowen, these are grandpa and grandma. They are also dad's dad and mom. "

"Hello, Grandpa, grandma. I'm Bowen Gu, Dad's son."

Without waiting for Terence's teaching, Bowen said in a sweet voice.

His face was full of smile, except for the shyness at the beginning, now Bowen was full of excitement.

How could such a good thing happen? He not only met his father, but also grandpa and grandma. Bowen thought that he must share such a wonderful thing with his mother when he saw her.

Maybe, after knowing his 'encounter', his mother would forgive him for leaving?

Hiram and Emily looked at each other. Although they had already had an idea, when it really happened, they were still caught off guard.

But they couldn't just watch the kid since he had already come home.

The mung bean soup made by Emily was soft and smooth, delicious but not greasy. Bowen ate two bowls of it to relieve his craving for it.

Seeing Bowen eating, Emily also felt sweet.

Yesterday, she told Hiram that her two children were not young anymore, and they had been married and divorced one by one, which made her very sad as a mother. But today, Terence gave her such a big surprise. She had a grandson too.

"Have you found out the truth?" In the living room, Hiram looked at the dining room unconsciously, but he also asked seriously.

Blood ties could not be trifled with, which was especially cautious in the Gu family.

"He look so much like me. How can it be wrong?" Terence looked calm and confident.

"You..." Although Hiram was dissatisfied, he didn't say anyt

understood, but there was one more thing he came back today, which was more important.

"Dad, Patrick is back," he said bluntly.

He had planned to deal with it by himself. But now, Bowen was involved. Violet and Patrick were so crazy about looking for Bowen that they even let him know the existence of Bowen.

But since he had already recognized his son, how could he let him go so easily?

Since Bowen didn't hate him, he would try to be a father. It was okay if Violet was single, but she had Patrick by her side. He wouldn't let his son call another man dad.

Terence explained, "Bowen came here by plane. No one knows where he is now. Violet and Patrick have released the notice to look for him."

Violet took such a huge risk to search for Bowen. Terence could probably foresee what kind of collision they would have in the future when they competed for the custody of the child.

He didn't want to have any conflict with Violet, no matter before or now.

"What? Then they..." Hiram also realized that things were not simple. Terence didn't want to let go, and Violet wouldn't let go either.

That was the main reason why Terence brought Bowen to the Gu family today.

"I need to get the custody of Bowen as soon as possible, and you have to deal with it."

Although he could solve it, it would be much easier if Hiram dealt it for him.

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