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   Chapter 410 The Most Important Thing Is To Accompany Our Son

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6929

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Seeing that the two were about to quarrel, Terence changed the subject and asked, "Can we get the result of the paternity test today?"

"I've asked. Tomorrow is the fastest." Although Isla was curious about Terence's question, she answered honestly.

She suddenly thought of Terence's arrangement today and said, "Didn't you go to the meeting?"

Didn't he have a meeting?

Terence looked at Bowen tenderly. He touched Bowen's head and said gently, "A meeting? It's not as important as to be with my son. "

In the car.

Bowen still remembered that Terence said he wanted to accompany him, so he asked excitedly, "Dad, are you going to accompany me today?"

Joy was written all over his face. He looked nervous as if he was afraid that Terence would go back on his word.

Terence touched Bowen's little head. A warm touch made his heart tremble slightly. An indescribable feeling spread in the bottom of his heart. Looking at Bowen's eyebrows, eyes and expression, he said softly, "Yes, not only today, I will spend every day with you in the future."

If you were careful, you could tell that his voice was trembling. Mr. Gu, who was a decisive man, felt nervous in front of a child.

"Wow, that's great!" Bowen was so excited that he didn't notice Terence's nervousness at all. His little eyes narrowed into a thin line, and there was a burst of palpitation hidden in his burning eyes.

Now that his dream came true, there was probably nothing better than this.

"Bowen, how old are you?" Terence suddenly asked.

Although Bowen] was young, he was not a narrow-minded man. He keenly sensed that something was wrong with Terence. In order not to arouse Terence's suspicion, he said honestly, "Three years and seven months. What's wrong?"

He played innocent to the end, and his innocent eyes made Terence a little uncomfortable.

"No, nothing. I just forget your age,"

Terence murmured.

Three years and seven months...

He murmured the time.

Judging from the time, it was very likely that Violet had been pregnant before she w

was Hiram.

Bowen had never seen Hiram before. How could he say 'like'?

Thinking of Patrick's father, Terence's face turned cold.

It seemed that Violet had a good time in the Yan family. Even Bowen was recognized by Arthur.

He grabbed the steering wheel tightly, and the blue veins appeared, but he tried his best to keep calm.

He couldn't be angry in front of the child. Even if he was angry, someone had to bear it.

After the car stopped, Terence took Bowen out of the car and went straight into the Gu family's house.

Hiram and Emily had already been waiting at home. Terence called them early in the morning and asked them to stay at home. He said that he had something to announce, so they waited at home.

Grandpa and Grandma Gu were in the hospital, and only Hiram and Emily were at home.

"Terence, I made mung bean soup. You..."

When Emily saw Terence come back, she was about to ask him if he wanted to eat something. But when she saw Bowen, she was stunned.

What did she see?

She actually saw the appearance of Terence when he was a child.

Bowen looked at Emily curiously. He felt that his grandmother was kind and she must be a kind-hearted person. Seeing the surprised look on Emily's face, he smiled shyly.

This smile was more like Terence in his childhood.

"Terence, this..."

Emily pointed at Bowen in disbelief.

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