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   Chapter 407 I Will Be A Good Boy

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He knew that the little devil of the Luo family was scared to run around the room as soon as he heard the word 'injection'. Bowen's calmness made Terence interested.

"I'm scared," Bowen said calmly.

As the needle went into his skin, his hair stood on end as long as he thought of it.

But what could he do? Wasn't this a must process?

Bowen's indifferent attitude made Isla confused.

She was satisfied that her little devil could be as calm as Bowen when she gave the injection.

But what Bowen said next made the two adults unable to fight back.

"Why should we draw blood? Am I not healthy enough?"

He tilted his head, which made Isla blush.

She just thought Bowen was Terence's child, so there was nothing wrong to ask him to have a paternity test with Terence.

But, if not...

Without the consent of his parents, he took Bowen to have a paternity test. It seemed that she was bullying a child.

"No, it's just a routine examination," Terence touched Bowen's head and said with a little melancholy.

He didn't know how to explain the behavior of the paternity test to Bowen. Although Bowen was young, he knew a lot. He was afraid that if he couldn't explain it clearly, it would leave a shadow in his heart.

"Is it necessary to be father's son to have an examination?" Bowen asked doubtfully.

His innocence embarrassed Terence.

The paternity test was easy to explain, but what if Bowen continued to ask?

Why did they do the paternity test.

What was the point of paternity testing?

Terence, who had always been invincible, didn't know what to do in front of Bowen.

It was rare for Isla to see Terence being defeated, but she was not in the mood to joke with him at the moment. She said softly, "Your father is worried that you will feel uncomfortable and take preventive measures in advance. It is not so scared. The nurse would be gentle. I have prepared your favorite chicken drumsticks. Would you like to have breakfast first? "

She explained briefly and solved the embarrassment with chicken drumsticks.



After hesitating for a while, Terence took out a phone from his pocket and played with it in front of Bowen.

"This is my spare phone. I have saved my number in it. Call me if you need anything. "

He opened the phone screen and input his phone number.

"Hey, are you afraid that we will bully Bowen?" Isla said indignantly.

Even if she had any prejudice against Bowen, she wouldn't have done anything to a child.

Terence shook his head.

"No, I'm afraid that you will bully him."

He didn't know how capable Bowen was. However, he was clear about the character of the 'little devil' of the Luo family.

Bowen was not an obedient child. He didn't know what would happen to the collision between the two.

"Okay, I know. I will use it," Bowen took the phone from Terence, looked at Terence and said reluctantly, "Daddy, you should make more money. Bowen will be a good boy."

The crisp voice made Terence laugh, and even Isla laughed.

They really didn't know where Bowen learned such a skill. He was even better than an adult in coaxing people.

"Good boy, I'll pick you up home after work." Terence kissed on Bowen's face. After staying with her for a long time, he felt that he couldn't live without him.

Seeing that Bowen followed Isla into the car, Terence had mixed feelings.

In this way, he had a son. He was an unexpected but planned child.

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